How to properly store paintings

How to properly store paintings

Moving house is difficult enough, let alone the overwhelming prospect of moving and storing artwork. Whether you are staging your home, redecorating or moving to a new place, chances are you don’t know how to store paintings and other artwork pieces that have been in the family for generations. But the good news is that even the most delicate artwork can survive the challenging transition to a new home. As experienced specialty movers, we’ve compiled a list of handy tips for storing and moving valuable paintings.

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Learn how to store paintings properly when moving or staging your home

Whether you are the proud owner of a valuable art collection or of just one painting you are sentimentally attached to, you may want to keep them safe during the move, especially if you need to store them for a period of time. Considering all potential risks that may accompany such a serious decision, it would be wise to research top-rated storage units NYC in order to get the best possible service.

How to eliminate safety issues when storing paintings?

As exciting as moving can be, making arrangements for expensive and delicate items may require some additional planning. DIY approach is also viable, but a risky option, which is why most people choose some of the best moving and storage companies NYC offers and deals. Considering all possible hiccups involved in moving valuables, no wonder why so many people decide to hire professional movers when the time comes to move and store paintings. After all, what better way to take care of your treasured artwork than to involve experts.

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Contact trustworthy moving companies that also offer storage services

Find top-rated movers

Aside from special skills and expertise, your movers have appropriate tools and packing supplies. Certain delicate items are usually better off with professional movers, so do not hesitate to solicit their services as soon as you spot the right ones. After all, who would blame you, considering all possible moving pitfalls you may face down the road. Only with a reputable moving company by your side you can be sure that your valuable paintings will survive the trip. Although it’s a practical and convenient solution, the truth is that it can also be pricey, which is why some people turn to the less expensive DIY alternative.

But, on second thought you may realize that moving valuables is not the occasion when you are going to cut corners. Also, hiring the first moving and storage company that offers a low moving estimate can be risky too. Only after getting several quotes from different companies you’ll get the idea of moving costs you are about to incur. Take the time to talk to your friends who have gone through the household move recently. Chances are they have more experience when it comes to moving and storing valuable items.

Get adequate packing materials

specialty cardboard box to use to store paintings
Make the most of quality packing supplies when storing paintings

When moving and storing objects of great sentimental and monetary value, the very first thing you should do is to determine the amount, size and type of packing supplies you will need. If you are in possession of a couple of fancy artwork pieces, you will have to make some special arrangements in the event of a household move.

Keeping your paintings intact should be your top priority and this is when quality packing supplies may come in handy. As we all know, breakage, impacts and even a tiny scratch or stain can ruin your painting. So, follow these safety tips when packing them and preparing for storage.

  • Get the paintings out of your way when packing up your household so as to avoid accidental contact and damage.
  • Use plastic to wrap the paintings so as to keep them clean throughout the process.
  • A custom-sized styrofoam box will prevent the painting from bouncing or bumping into other items.
  • Use right size cardboard moving boxes and fill any empty space with bubble wrap for additional safety.
  • Avoid laying paintings against or on top of each other.

Find a suitable environment where you can store paintings

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Locate a temperature-controlled storage facility for your paintings

It’s no secret that a well-maintained storage facility can be a perfect sanctuary for your paintings if you need to keep them away from home. Hopefully, you will find the following tips helpful when dealing with the prospect of moving.

Temperature and humidity fluctuations may seriously damage paintings, which is why a climate-controlled storage unit is a right choice for those who want to store paintings. Needless to say, only a clean and tidy facility can be a new home for your valuables.

If you need to keep them stored for a while, make sure to avoid places with the direct sunlight. Use a piece of clean cloth to cover the paintings completely when in storage. And remember, leaving valuable paintings and other artwork in a basement or attic is just wrong. Concrete floors, damp and dry conditions are likely to severely damage your precious items.

So, for the sake of your paintings, research top-rated local storage units and inquire about the pricing. Reading online moving reviews can help you find the most suitable accommodation for your valuables.

Purchase additional insurance coverage

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Make sure your valuables are insured when moving

Aside from quality packing supplies and suitable environmental conditions, your movers’ skills and expertise can go a long way towards protecting your cherished artwork. However, even with the most reputable of movers accidents may happen.

Contact your insurance company to check if their policy will cover your items while in storage. In case your homeowner’s or renter’s policy doesn’t provide sufficient coverage, make sure to purchase additional moving and storage insurance. Knowing that your paintings are safe and fully protected in storage may ensure your peace of mind in the long run. Although it’s difficult for burglars to break into a storage unit with a regularly maintained surveillance system and advanced security features, mishaps do happen. Sooner or later you will learn – better safe than sorry!

When about to store paintings and other valuables, getting proper insurance coverage is of utmost importance. Moving is not the occasion when you will take chances, so find the safest way to move and store paintings.

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