How to get a home renovation permit in NYC

How to get a home renovation permit in NYC

Performing home renovation projects according to the city’s building code might be an expensive endeavor. Unless you are planning minor repair works and regular upgrades, chances are you will need to get a home renovation permit. If you’ve become the proud owner of your first real estate, you will probably want to turn in into your dream home. As it turns out, arranging and decorating a new place to your taste takes a lot of time and money.

Home renovation in NYC can be challenging, but not impossible

Shopping around for a new home is an exciting prospect, but more often than not people are faced with various repair works. But, before you hire a contractor or start DIY remodeling projects, you may want to learn a thing or two about the approvals you need to ask for in advance. All those rules and requirements may catch many newcomers off guard. Thankfully, qualified local architects and engineers are familiar with the ups and downs of dealing with NYC building and renovation permits.

Needless to say, performing the work without necessary permits may put you through a huge risk and inconvenience. Other than breaking a law, you will most definitely start off on the wrong foot with your new neighbors and building management. Chances are they won’t appreciate sneaky acts and rule violations in their neighborhood. In most cases, you will need your building board’s approval before reaching out to the Department of Buildings, so make sure to make a good first impression after you move in.

How to apply for an NYC building permit

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Have your renovation plans and drawings reviewed by your building management

Although obtaining a permit may take longer than you would like, a team of qualified architects and contractors is your best bet throughout the process. While at first, you may think that being a DIY remodeler is a way to go, you are likely to change your mind once you educate yourself on all the specifics that go into a home renovation process.

Learning that the majority of construction works require a Department of Building permits may be pretty disappointing for you. In order to get a home renovation permit even for a minor repair, you will need to hire a registered architect or a professional engineer to submit your project plans for DOB approval.

But, before that, you should make sure your project is reviewed and approved by the building owners association. To that end, they will require a detailed scope of work, drawings, plans, contractor’s license, and insurance details. However, the documents that need to be submitted as well as the approval time-frame may vary from building to building.

Once you get it, your contractor will be able to request a permit. Since those two processes are not the same, make sure to add them to your moving timeline.

If you are lucky enough to come across some of the most reliable movers Williamsburg NYC, you can at least count on a quick and efficient resolution of your relocation task. As it turns out, procrastination is your ultimate enemy when moving and renovating your new home. Considering all potential moving hiccups, it’s only normal that you want to make your new place feel like home as soon as possible.

Which home improvement projects require a permit?

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Even the simplest repair works require a permit

Complying with the local building rules and regulations may save you a lot of headaches and inconveniences in the long run. Make sure you are playing by the book when undergoing the exhausting home remodeling project.

Needless to say, pulling building permits may generate additional costs as you are going to pay fees based on the value of the project. However, the main purpose of getting one is to avoid risky mishaps, structural failures, and inconveniences. But, aside from safety issues, what you may want to avoid at all costs is a fine that you may get if you fail to obtain a permit.

Oftentimes, homeowners get rather confused about the type of repair work for which they need to get a home renovation permit. Here are some of the most common home remodeling scenarios you will need to get a home renovation permit for:

  • Installing insulation
  • Taking down or adding walls
  • Replacing windows
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  • Installing new or removing already existing plumbing
  • Installing a new electrical service
  • Upgrading or adding a fence
  • Installing or replacing a heating system
  • Remodeling detached structures such as a garage or shed.

Even the simplest changes to your home structure must be performed according to the local safety protocols. So, before you embark on this time and money-consuming adventure make sure you hold all necessary permits. Moving to a new city and a new place is challenging enough even without further complications that may arise if you get caught without a renovation permit.

When you don’t need to get a home renovation permit?

Consequences of not getting a home remodeling permit can be severe.

  • If you fail to get a renovation permit you are at risk of dealing with huge fines and even lawsuits.
  • The municipality may stop or tear down your project.
  • Unauthorized repair works may invalidate your insurance policy.
  • Your home value may decrease.
  • It could be a warning sign for prospective buyers and therefore sabotage a future home sale.

Fortunately, there are minor renovation works that don’t require special permits.

a painter
There are several minor repair works that don’t require you to get a home renovation permit
  1. Painting or wallpapering
  2. Replacing light fixtures
  3. Installing shelving and closets
  4. Refinishing wooden floors
  5. Replacing tiles in your bathroom or kitchen
  6. Installing new countertops
  7. Minor electrical repairs

As we all know, your moving and renovation projects can go smoothly only with the help of qualified professionals. So, research the best movers NYC, architects, and contractors that will help you create your dream home. But, more importantly, do not underestimate the time required to get everything done properly. Timely planning will ensure a favorable start of your home remodeling adventure.

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