How to avoid getting evicted in NYC

How to avoid getting evicted in NYC

New York City being as large as it is, it can sometimes bring about unfortunate events for those living there. And one of the common issues when it comes to everyday life in the Big Apple is an eviction. Whether it’s an overdue payment or an argument with your landlord, you should always try to avoid conflict. Otherwise, it can bring about an avalanche of additional tasks that nobody wants. From having to find a new apartment in NYC on short notice to dealing with last-minute movers NYC, eviction is a burden. So, today we discuss some of the basic ways to avoid getting evicted in NYC.

There is always a fire escape to help you avoid getting evicted in NYC
Make sure to always have a contingency plan for battling eviction.

5 practical ways to avoid getting evicted in NYC

What most people fail to understand is that eviction is something that you can easily avoid. The foundation for this is open communication and research. You have to be ready to step up and compromise to calm the situation down rather than escalate it. And given the experience that our movers Williamsburg Brooklyn have with eviction moves, we know a few things on the subject at hand. So, let us share some of that extensive wisdom and you might just be able to avoid an unnecessary complication. Living in NYC is stressful enough without having to argue with landlords and relocate overnight. Here we go:

#1: Battle eviction in the most basic manner – pay your rent

Paying rent is the basis of any tenant-landlord relationship. You are renting living space from someone in exchange for currency. And so long as you make your payments on time and in the pre-defined amount, you should have no troubles. However, the moment your payments start to come in late, the notion of eviction starts to float around. And that is not something you want to put yourself through. So, how can you remedy payment issues and secure your relationship with your landlord?

  • Organize your budget to avoid getting evicted in NYC. If you notice that you are constantly late with your rent, time to re-organize your budget. Plan out your monthly budget and make sure that you have your rent money prepared when rent comes about.
  • Talk to your landlord. Sometimes, a heart-to-heart talk with people is enough to resolve or avoid potential issues. And you might be able to find a better solution if you discuss matters with the landlord, thus avoiding cringy subjects such as eviction notices, court summons, or eviction movers NYC.
  • Make partial or back payments. If things take a turn for the worst and your landlord decides to take you to court, you will need to make plans to pay everything owed. And this will also include court fees and interest. So, rather than delay the inevitable, you would be smart to borrow money and clear out the debt as soon as possible.

#2: Get acquainted with your lease and how to nurture it

The better you know your lease, the easier it will be for you to cure any violation of it. So, for starters, make sure that you read your lease through and through. And if there is a violation of the lease in any way, make it clear with the landlord that you will remedy the situation. If the root of the problem lies with your relationship with the neighbors, work on it. Open a line of communication with your neighbors and discuss what it would take to ensure a smooth resolution of the issue at hand.

Tenancy agreement
Make sure to learn your tenancy agreement from top to bottom.

#3: Reaching out to an Eviction Prevention Program

Each state has its own Eviction Prevention Program (EPP), so the requirements for it vary. These programs were created to offer assistance to low-moderate income home renters. It serves to help overcome hardships and immediate dangers outside their control. And that is why they are so crucial when you wish to avoid getting evicted in NYC. Typically, qualifying for the program depends on two factors:

  1. Whether or not you are in imminent danger of eviction.
  2. No more than 60% of your income can be spent on your housing costs.

Another important condition is that you need the consent of your landlord. You cannot participate in EPP without the permission and participation of your landlord as well. And this would be a good time to remind them of all the good sides of having you as a tenant. Once you gain the approval of your landlord, you will need to gather and provide certain documentation. For this particular step, you will need the following:

  • Proof of Income
  • Photo ID
  • Notice to Quit (or any other notice)

And a good idea here would be to contact these programs as soon as possible. They can run out of funding fast, so make sure to call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Don’t wait for trouble to come nothing at your door. Otherwise, you might find yourself in need of residential movers NYC before you know it.

#4: Start negotiating with your landlord to avoid getting evicted in NYC

The first step towards a smooth resolution is to start talking. you can’t really get far without entering into negotiations with your landlord. And to begin this, you need to figure out what it is you are demanding. Once you do that, you will want to find a mediator to accommodate the negotiation process. You can either ask your landlord to offer a mediator or find one on your own. Prepare for the mediation by learning all the points of the agreement and what it is that both parties want. Make sure that you are open throughout the negotiation process, keeping an open mind and an open ear. Once you hear everything, sit down with the mediator and have them help you write a settlement agreement.

People negotiating the eviction process.
Avoid getting evicted in NYC through the power of mediation and negotiation

#5: Taking an eviction to court

If all else fails, there is the final solution to take the eviction to court. This step, rigorous as it is, might be the last weapon you will have to avoid getting evicted in NYC. So, make sure to have a good lawyer on speed dial and have a sit down with him. Once you do, you will want to go through the following steps:

  1. Make sure that your landlord followed all procedures regarding the eviction notice.
  2. File a motion to dismiss the eviction request to buy yourself some time.
  3. Take the entire issue to trial and hope for the best outcome.

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