How to avoid complaints from neighbors when moving

How to avoid complaints from neighbors when moving

Relocating is an exciting and joyful fresh start that will offer plenty of new possibilities. With moving day just around the corner, chances are that you are daydreaming about what your new life would look like. But, what most people fail to plan for are intolerant neighbors who may get easily annoyed by the moving hustle and bustle. To avoid complaints from neighbors when moving, make sure your moving activities are not causing any trouble or disrupting your neighbors’ peace.

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Mind your manners on moving day so as to avoid complaints from neighbors when moving

Everyone who has moved at least once knows how stressful, loud, and chaotic moving day may get. But, there is more to coordinating a household relocation than just boxing up, transporting and unpacking your lifetime’s worth of possessions. No matter how busy you are, there is absolutely no excuse for being disrespectful or rude to your neighbors. Needless to say, it’s in your best interest to start off on the right foot with them as soon as you move into a new place.

The truth is that moving is a stress-filled event, but it doesn’t have to be that way for your neighbors. While it will most definitely affect your neighbors and friends, try to minimize its upsetting effects as much as possible. Here are some of the basics of creating a fair and meaningful relationship with your neighbors when relocating.

How to be a good neighbor on moving day

Although creating a meaningful personal relationship with your neighbors might not be on top of your list of priorities at the moment, you may want to do things right to avoid complaints from neighbors when moving. As the moving day is drawing nearer and nearer, chances are you will completely forget that you should make a good first impression on your neighbors.

Here’s a quick reminder on how to be a good neighbor when moving house.

Be mindful of the time of the move

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There are several good reasons why the timing of your move matters

Ideally, you will schedule the move for the period when your neighbors are at work. Unless there are families with babies, you are likely to cause minimal disruption to your neighbors’ routine. The truth is that it largely depends on the availability of the Hell’s Kitchen movers or other NYC professionals you are about to hire. Bear in mind that in the US most of the moves take place from May to September, which is considered the busiest period in the moving industry.

Inform them in advance

Give both your old and new neighbors a heads up about the increased foot traffic and noise, especially if your movers will be around for a while. You can notify them by visiting them in person or posting a notification in the building lobby. Ask them politely if they wouldn’t mind the truck blocking their driveway until completely unloaded. It’s of utmost importance you inform them well in advance so that your neighbors can move their vehicles and you are not interfering with their daily routine.

Make advance parking arrangements if necessary

Ask around if you will need a special permit to ensure a space reserved for your moving vehicle and hence avoid costly parking tickets. Not all cities have the same rules and regulations regarding truck parking. So, unless the moving truck will be parked on private property, make sure to obtain necessary permits required by the local law.

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Do not interfere with your neighbors routine on moving day

Book the elevator early to avoid complaints from neighbors when moving

Some buildings have a specific freight elevator, so you may not be allowed to use regular entrance and elevator for your moving needs. In case there is only one elevator, you should plan for some restrictions on its use on moving day. Talk to the building management in advance to check when you will cause the least disruption.

Remove moving day leftovers

Check all common areas, hallways, staircases, elevator, parking lot and driveway for any possible leftovers or dirt. Show your neighbors how considerate you are by removing any sort of waste lying around the property. Although it seems pretty obvious, it’s still worth reminding, considering the length of your moving checklist. Also, for an appropriate and eco-friendly furniture disposal contact the nearest company to give you a hand with this daunting task.

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Be friendly and polite when introducing yourself to your neighbors

Politely introduce yourself and say goodbye to your old neighbors

Strike up a conversation with your new neighbors no matter how busy you are. Not knowing anyone in your community, you may feel uneasy during the first couple of days. So, get to know your neighbors as soon as the first opportunity presents itself. Chances are they will be eager to know who you are and where you come from. Also, having a friendly face next door or down the street, you can count on means a lot. So, don’t be shy – say hello to your neighbors and by the way, apologize for any inconvenience that the move may have caused.

Show consideration for your neighbors during the days to come

If going with some of the best moving and storage companies NYC, disturbing your neighbors on moving day will be out of the question. They’ve learned how to be considerate of their clients’ goods, property, and surroundings.

While it’s important to settle into your new home as soon as possible, avoid tackling your household chores at odd times. Hanging paintings, dragging heavy furniture or vacuuming late at night may land you in trouble even with the most patient of neighbors. More importantly, mind the noise level if relocating to a walk-up building to avoid complaints from neighbors when moving. Needless to say, hauling heavy items up and down several flights of stairs may result in property damage.

Once your new home is ready for showing off, start planning a housewarming party. Invite both your old friends and new neighbors to celebrate your new beginning. You’ve been through a lot lately, so allow yourself a chance to unwind and have some fun with your loved ones. You could even make some new friends along the way.

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