Fun for the whole family - recycling

Fun for the whole family - recycling


Having plans to move, you will need every sort of available help. If you have big family, let all members be active participants of the moving process. All of them are able to take care of some personal items according to their possibilities. Elders and kids are not supposed to invest any major physical effort, but sorting their items (clothes, books, toys) could be more than helpful. As a result, there will be plenty of things that don’t need to be transferred to the new home.Each family member, even children, should be aware that one of the consequences of the move is certainly a lot of waste. Moving is a perfect occasion to throw away all unnecessary items and buy new ones, which creates the vicious circle of trash-generating process.

So, while moving, take care of your belongings and your environment as well. An enormous amount of trash could cause a serious environmental damage, so you must assume the responsibility to prevent that. For that purpose, everyone should opt for recycling. Throwing away unnecessary, old items may seem the easiest, but not the most appropriate way. Recycling is more environmentally friendly and more ecologically acceptable alternative. When you go through your belongings, sort them into groups and place them in suitable bins for removal.

Materials like plastic, aluminium, glass, paper, cardboard are easy to recycle. Just rinse all unnecessary bottles, glasses, cans and jars and place them in a proper bin. Almost all types of paper can be recycled (color paper, photography paper, magazines, newspaper,..).
Card boxes can also be recycled, but only those in good condition.
Electronic devices can be reused or disassembled for parts.

On the other hand, recycling is not to be considered when it comes to following materials:
some types of plastic, waxed or contaminated paper, mirrors, styrofoam,…
You can also donate some sorts of paper materials to art schools, kindergartens, non-profit organizations…where it will get reused for some craft activities. Basically, many more items can be reused either by members of your family or by someone else. Bare in mind that persons in need would appreciate very much your generous donations. So, give old toys, clothes and other unnecessary items to charity instead of throwing them away or recycling them.

Another way to get rid of all unwanted items is by selling them. If some of your goods are in good condition, you can arrange an online sale or a garage sale. Someone might find your household supplies, tools, toys, books, antiques and furniture attractive and useful.
If disposed improperly some household products (cleaners, solvents, automobile oils, paints) may cause serious damage both for the environment and your health. So, get informed about the safe disposal of those hazardous materials.

In order to prevent the negative moving impact on the environment, take a moment and plan your eco-friendly move. For that purpose, use recycled materials.
Try to reduce the number of cardboard boxes by using reusable containers, that you can borrow from friends or relatives.
Suitcases or duffel bags that you already own might be very convenient for packing clothes and linens.

If you are somehow forced to use cardboard boxes, instead of purchasing them, you can get them for free in the nearby grocery store or in a liquor store. In fact, a beverage outlet may seem a perfect source for getting free, strong and durable boxes, which are convenient for packing heavy objects or fragile items.
But, what to do with them when the move is over? Give them away to charities or post an ad on social networks about your goodwill. The rest you can recycle.
When packing, in order to protect all fragile items, follow the ecological approach and wrap them into shredded paper or in old newspapers.

Plastic bins for your move


In the process of moving, people’s homes fill up with cardboard boxes, rolls of tape and newspapers. At the end of your moving day, you could be producing a lot of trash. In order to curb the trash produced by moving. Dumbo Moving and Storage has an option of using Green Plastic Bins instead of cardboard moving boxes.

Just because cardboard boxes are frequently used for packing doesn’t always mean that they are always the most convenient method. Plastic bins are just as stackable and easy to use as cardboard moving boxes. You will save time and headache by not having to assemble and tape up cardboard boxes; our plastic bins are ready to use.

The NYC movers drop off the green plastic bin several days before your move. At the end of the move, the movers come by and pick up the empty bins and you are left with no trash and no mess. Since the bins are stackable and do not need to be constructed, they will not just save time in your move and save space in your moving truck (which could lower the price of your move).

Our plastic moving containers are offered for free by our moving company in an effort to promote greener lifestyles. In addition to that the deliver and picking up of the green bins will be free of charge as well. We will pick up the green bins seven days after your move. So you do not have to rush to unpack and you can go at your own pace.

The green bins are made of a strong plastic so there is no risk of your items falling through your plastic bin like there would be if you would using a damaged or wet cardboard boxes. The plastic bins also could hold more weight, so there is no need to worry about over packing the bins. If we pack your items they are still protected and wrapped just like they would be normally(as if they were being packed in a cardboard box; wrapped in paper). Your electronics, important paperwork, and photos are safe because the container is completely waterproof.

I know what some of you are thinking how are plastic bins considered green? Well green bins unlike cardboard moving boxes have an incredibly large shelf life. You can keep reusing them. All they need is just a quick rinse and they are good to go.

By using green bins you prevent a lot of moving boxes from going into the landfill. One green bin saves about 3 cardboard moving boxes.

We do try to reuse boxes as much as we can. Our wardrobe boxes (boxes that a metal bar on top, used for clearing our closets.) are sturdier than the average cardboard box and after vacuuming they are good to go again.

If you prefer to use cardboard boxes instead of our plastic bins, instead of purchasing them, reuse boxes from nearby grocery stores, liquor or wine stores. In fact, any places that serve wine, like bars and restaurants may be the perfect source for getting free, strong and durable boxes, which are convenient for packing everything from heavy objects to the fragile.

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