How to find an office space in NYC

How to find an office space in NYC

Have you always been one of those who’s been dreaming about coming to New York and starting a life here? In that case, welcome to a club of those who share the same dream with you. The club is already numerous, but it’s expanding with each day. And how come not, since there are so many good reasons for moving to New York. If you are also pursuing a career here, then you need to find an office space in NYC. Well, let us tell you that the search can be quite tiring and time-consuming. However, with our pieces of advice, we hope that the search will be a lot shorter. Therefore, take some time to thoroughly read through our tips.

Moving Preparations

In order to start realizing this life-long dream of yours, you’ll first need to arrive at New York. Therefore, our recommendation is, to begin with moving preparations as soon as possible in order to have a successful relocation. One of the first things to forget about is being in a delusion that you will have time to get done with all of your tasks. Well, you won’t unless you start the right way. Time is essential in these projects and one must act responsibly and proactive. This is why it is of an absolute importance that you stop procrastinating and begin planning your relocation.

Making a moving plan

Making a plan to find an office space in NYC
Have a good plan in order to find an office space in NYC

In order to succeed in your intentions, it is important to have a plan. Take into consideration all factors such as how much time you have and how many things you need to do until the deadline. Having a timeline with defined tasks in front of you will allow you to make more precise instructions. However, we understand that making such a precise plan is not really the easiest thing. That is why you’ll need professional assistance. So, we suggest you look for NYC moving company with a good reputation and enough experience to do this for you. Furthermore, such a company should be able to help you find an office in NYC you are dreaming about.

What to pay attention to in order to find an office space in NYC?

When something like this comes knocking your door there are several things to consider. Also, many questions will arise for sure. In order to find what you are looking for, you will need to find answers to those questions:

  • How to know how big an office space should be?
  • What location is the most suitable?
  • Who are people to contact to obtain information about available office space?
  • What is your budget range?

Find space according to the type of business

By saying this we actually mean that you should adjust the space in accordance with the number of employees and your own idea how would you like your office to look like. It would be very reckless if you took a large office for just a few workers. Also, it would not be really good if you tried to save money by denying your workers enough space. Placing them in a cramped space will never lead to the desired productivity. Eventually, your employees will start feeling dissatisfied and your business will suffer. Also, have in mind how much do you think your business will develop during a certain period. That should give you a fair idea of how much more space you will need for additional staff.

office interior
Create a vision of your office space

But how to know how much is enough? When you start looking for available office spaces, you must know that an approximate space per worker should be 150 sqm. That should be just enough for him/her to settle nicely, place his/her belongings, and what’s more important not feel limited by the given amount of space. On the other hand, you can adjust this by referring to your own idea of how to arrange the office space. Today, there are numerous ways how to organize the layout to fit your needs and taste. Let’s be honest. Much depends on the environment. By providing your employees with a pleasant atmosphere and nice space to work in, there’s no doubt they will feel much more content. In return productivity level will increase.

Finding a suitable location

The decision on location should be made after you have considered several factors. The questions about the available space, budget and how far away are you from your major client should be the main ones to find answers. Much will depend on them. This time you should try to put aside your personal desires and focus on a more realistic scenario. When it comes to your employees you can make easier on them if you would provide them with information what would be the fastest way to reach office from their location.

Address the right people

Just like when you looking for a new house to move to, this time you need to also turn to the right people to guide you to the right location. And although it is quite possible to find an office space in NYC yourself, are you willing to take a risk of leaving out some important factors regarding the office space? This is why you should leave this to professionals in charge. A commercial real estate agent is well-informed about properties in the area and knows how to quickly find an available space that matches your desires and budget. Also, if you find a good commercial broker, you can hope for having the lease negotiated. After that, you can make an offer and this will be a clear sign that you are interested in this business property and that you are ready to move in.

Address the right people to help you find an office space in NYC

Talk details with the landlord and inform him about your plans regarding the office. Tell him if you plan to add more equipment, or change some pieces of furniture

Know your budget

The budget also plays a big role in this story. That is why you have to be absolutely clear about this. Forward this information to the commercial broker so that he would know what to look for. Include in this budget the renovation of the office space if it’s needed. Make a detailed 5-year financial plan and see whether your budget can support it. Know that the price of an office space is measured by the square foot per year.

It is quite important to stick to these mentioned things. However, make sure not to make too big compromises. Otherwise, you won’t be as happy as you wanted. It is better to wait for a bit longer to find an office space in NYC, then to say yes to something that doesn’t fit your needs. Once your relocation is over, you deserve to relax and get ready for new business challenges.

Planning a move?

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