Do movers require moving deposits?

Do movers require moving deposits?

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Moving deposits may ensure a successful finalization of a deal between movers and customers

When researching moving companies you might be unsure as to whether moving deposits are a fairly common occurrence. Like in any other service industry, a certain amount of down payment is often required as a sort of guarantee that you won’t cancel the move at the last moment.

However, when engaging the professional movers’ support you should be able to understand each parameter of the moving estimate. Know exactly what you are paying for!

Whether or not movers charge moving deposits is a matter of company’s policy. During your big quest you are likely to come upon different types of moving companies. However, the fact that some companies are requesting moving deposits doesn’t necessarily mean that they are trying to scam you. As it turns out, charging deposits is a standard practice during peak moving season to secure the service and reserve a moving date.

As we all know, summertime is the busiest time in the moving industry and movers need to make sure you are on board all along. The good news is that moving deposits are usually refundable according to the company’s cancellation policy.

However, you should pay special attention if your movers are requesting large upfront payment.

In order to get a better understanding of general terms and conditions of the move it’s always advisable to compare services and quotes of several moving companies. In addition to that, a recommendation can go a long way toward making the right choice of movers. Also, moving reviews proved to be a very helpful resource for a successful household move. While dependable movers usually accept all kinds of payment options, beware of those who only accept cash.

Are moving deposits legitimate?

Choosing a moving company you can trust with your household belongings is a rather demanding endeavor. Not only will you have to double-check their reputation and previous experience, but also you need to make sure that you’re not paying too much. But, no matter how appealing low moving estimates may seem, they can be tricky, too.

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Whether moving companies require or not moving deposits is not a matter of their legitimacy

Having said that, it’s always a good idea to have an investigation strategy in place so as to ensure your precious belongings are completely safe with your movers. As it turns out, only a properly licensed moving company that takes full responsibility for the moving process can be the right fit.

While people tend to be apprehensive when dealing with movers who require an upfront deposit, a thorough background check may put your mind at ease. But, you probably can’t help but wonder whether deposits required in advance are the first indicator that you are dealing with a fraudulent company.

Well, the answer is no. It’ no secret that moving services are in high demand in certain areas and busy movers need to plan their activities and available resources. In order to keep their commitments, dependable movers need to coordinate their activities and schedule the new jobs carefully.

Dedicated to providing impeccable moving services, they care about their customers’ needs and requirements. On the other hand, movers need some kind of guarantee that they won’t miss out an appointment during the busiest moving season if the customers bail out and cancel the move at the last moment.

The amount of moving deposits may vary depending on the company, city, period of the year and complexity of the move. All in all, you should not agree to pay more than a few hundred dollars at most.

How to make sure the moving company is not trying to scam you?

Normally moving deposits are refundable within a certain period of cancellation notice. However, it’s highly advisable to check in which cases you actually qualify for the moving deposit refund. Should they require a large non-refundable upfront payment, take a step back and think twice whether you are going to do business with a suspicious moving company.

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Beware of moving companies who are requesting large moving deposits

In case of any doubts you can always check if the moving company in question is registered with FMCSA. According to their regulations, interstate movers are obliged by law to offer to types of insurance coverage: full value protection and released value.

Each interstate moving company should be able to share their USDOT number which can reveal a lot about their previous business practices. In addition to that, by checking Better Business Bureau you will learn whether there are complaints against the moving company you are currently dealing with. Moving reviews are arguably the best place to start your research. While recommendations and referrals are very valuable, your first personal contact may help you determine whether they are worthwhile.

What’s the worst that could happen when dealing with the rogue movers?

As it turns out, it’s extremely important to have an efficient strategy against moving frauds when researching affordable relocation companies. Take as much time as you need to properly assess your movers and protect your belongings throughout the process. An unfortunate choice of movers may result in so many disasters and these are some of the most common ones. That being said, make any effort to get unnecessary headaches out of your moving experience.

-Movers are careless with your household items so you are likely to end up with a pile of broken or missing things. With a suitable moving insurance your movers will get you covered in case of any accident during the move.

– Movers did not show up at all. Only after several phone calls you’ve realized that your movers have disappeared with your moving deposit.

– Rogue movers may come up with some alleged additional services and higher than estimated moving costs. With limited options, you can try to negotiate an acceptable compromise with them or file a claim against your movers.

– Movers may hold your household belongings hostage until you pay the higher price than initially estimated.

Dealing with the wrong movers may be one of the most expensive moving mistakes, so arm yourself with patience and make the process of selecting a reputable moving company your top priority.

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