Corporate relocation

Corporate relocation


After you have found out that your company will be moved to another city it is time to make some serious decisions as to whether your are going to relocate to another city and keep the job or stay in the current city and find a new one.

If you cannot afford being unemployed at the moment, the only option left is to follow your company to the new location.

Business relocation usually implies some specific circumstances under which you will have to manage your personal or family move to another city. It’s a life-changing decision for every employee and their families. Your spouse will have to quit her/her job and most probably struggle to find another one in an unfamiliar city and your children will have to leave their friends, make new ones and adapt to the new school. Weigh carefully whether you and your family will benefit from the move and try to imagine how it will change your lives. There are so many factors to consider regarding your possible relocation and the new city.

– Is the new neighborhood safe enough? What about the crime rate in the area?

– Will your salary suit the cost of living in the new city?

– Are there good schools, both private and public for your children?

– Check the unemployment rate.

– Is the new city the right place for you and your family in general?

– What does your family think about the possible relocation? Take into account opinion of those who are most affected by the move and your loved ones. Be honest with them and try to maintain an open communication.
Corporate relocation is generally controlled by your employers. Usually there is a limited time frame for the move, rigorous schedule of activities, established budget,…

Each company acts according to specific rules and internal policies when it comes to business relocations. However, before accepting to relocate with your company it’s your right to know all details of the move.
An open communication with your employers will help you understand general terms and pros and cons of the relocation. You are now in a position to negotiate allowances and prioritize your needs and requirements.

– Will your salary remain the same?

– What your new work environment will look like?

– Will you get a promotion once you reach your new work place?

– Are you personally comfortable with the idea of moving to another city and another work place?

– Will you get a raise or some king of compensation if you decide to move?

– Will you have to commute to the new work place on a daily basis?

– Is your family’s move part of the general relocation process or will you have to organize it on your own?

– Sudden move-out usually means that you will have to break a lease in your current home if you are a tenant. Broken agreement with your landlord may cost you, and the question is who will covers that expense?

– Will your company cover all travel costs, temporary housing, hotel services?

– Will your partner be able to find a job in his/her field?

– Will shipping and storage costs be covered?

– Will your salary be adjusted to the living standard in your new city?

– Will your new job or work environment be more stressful or formal/informal than the previous one?

– Do you have a long-term guarantee from your company? A stable financial situation is one of the most important aspects that will help you decide.

Corporate relocation is very demanding task which should be handled by professionals. Serious and trustworthy moving company that specializes in business moves will provide an excellent assistance during this important undertaking. There are many employees and their families involved so it needs to be accurately performed.

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