When is the best time for relocation?

When is the best time for relocation?

Some people spend their entire lives living in the same town. They like the predictable and routine and enjoy having their loved ones close to them all the time. Others enjoy the nomad life and frequently change their address. They do not spend so much time with their families, but they get to see a bigger portion of the world. Regardless of which lifestyle suits you better, relocation is always a huge step. It is also one that is very difficult to reverse. Once you relocate, going back isn’t as easy as you might think. So, how can you be sure when is the best time for relocation?

Pole with two signs facing opposite directions - it isn't always easy to make the right choice
Although there are only two options, sometimes the choice can seem too difficult to make.

Everyone has their own story to follow and life to lead, so there is no universal answer to this question. No one can tell you what is the best time for relocation and have that time fit everyone. But, there are some universal pointers and advice that will always be applicable. If you are having doubts, or just don’t know how to break the routine you are stuck in, read below. You might get the answer you were looking for.

  1. You should definitely relocate if you are pursuing your education, regardless of your age -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

One of the biggest reasons people leave their hometowns for is education. Although it usually happens when they are applying for college, it can happen when you are older as well. Getting a proper education is very important, and you shouldn’t make any compromises regarding it. It is also something you usually do only once, you don’t really get to go to 10 different colleges throughout your lifetime. Which is why the best time for relocation is when you are taking the next step in your education.

If you have a calling in mind that makes you feel passionate and excited, don’t give up on that just because it’s far away. As one of the best moving companies, we can help you relocate in no time. This way you won’t have to give up your dream!

2. The best time for relocation is when you want to be close to a loved one.

When people read “being close to a loved one” they always assume partner. But we are not actually referring to that. Or better said, we are not referring to only that. We are thinking more in terms of family. Staying close to your siblings, parents or kids can make a significant impact on your quality of life. Deciding to relocate in order to be close to your family is probably a very good decision! And why is that? Researchers say that being away from one’s family can have a very damaging effect.

Family of four walking down the pier - considering relocating after you retire
Take care of the kids, enjoy a different scenery and improve your health!

Let’s say that you just began your retirement and both of your children have moved away. You will be left with a lot of unexpected free time, and you will see your children and perhaps grandchildren only during the holidays. Instead of thinking in huge terms, like “I am leaving my hometown forever”, rent your family home for a year or two and go spend time with your loved ones. You won’t feel bored, your health will improve, and you will create some wonderful memories.

3.  The best time for relocation is in your 20s!

Regardless of your motivation, while you are in your 20s, you are not only young but also resilient, free of attachments and serious financial commitments, and still, feel energized enough to take huge risks.  It’s a perfect time! Relocation doesn’t always pay off. So, if it doesn’t you will be strong enough to handle it. It doesn’t matter if you are moving because of college, because you are pursuing a new job, or you are about to move in with your spouse. The 20s are, without a doubt, the best time for relocation.It has something to do with the fact that you are very young, but also with the fact that you are more optimistic and more flexible. And you need all of that for a good relocation! If you need any help feel free to contact us or check our blog for more moving advice!

4. Do not relocate for one of these reasons, or you might regret it!

Vintage picture of a notebook, glasses, pen and photos - the best time for relocation isn't when you are down
The world is full of opportunities, don’t miss them, but think twice!

We have already mentioned to you a couple of very good motivators for relocation. And although moving can be beneficial for you, doing it for the wrong reasons might do more harm than you bargained for. Before you think that one of these situations is the best time for relocation, evaluate pros and cons. And think twice!

  • Don’t relocate if you are broke – Leaving your hometown while in debt and then investing into relocation might drive you into bankruptcy. Relocation is expensive, and you will need a lot of money to start your new life. Wait a little bit to be in a better situation financially and then go for it! It will be way easier.
  • Don’t relocate after a big trauma – When you get dealt a bad hand sometimes all you want to do is leave. But if you don’t resolve the issue, or properly mourn the trauma, your new life will never really begin. Relocation can help you start over, but only if your mindset is already there. Otherwise, you can do even more harm and make the trauma worse.
  • Don’t relocate on a whim – Having a sudden urge to live in NYC won’t make your life there good. It isn’t only the question of money and the right mindset, but also of saying goodbye, tying up loose ends, and planning the new chapter in your life. Sleep on it, a couple of nights, and if you still want to go, contact us! We will help you with everything!

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