Best Apps to Find Roommates in 2020

Best Apps to Find Roommates in 2020

How many TV shows start with a perfect roommate scenes, just the two of them eating pizza and sharing problems? We have all imagined these situations while daydreaming, but the reality might not live up to it. Your best friend might be too messy for you to tolerate as a roommate, or you might have different habits. Night owls don’t really go well with early birds. These things are something to look out for when searching for a roommate. If Craigslist is not really what you had in mind, we have made a list of some of the best apps for roommate scouting.



Comfy is not really focused on finding neighbors and roommates, it goes much beyond that. You can use it to find a suitable working environment, especially if you work in an office or a private organization. There are offices, cabinets and meeting halls at your disposal, and you can even control things such as room temperature. All of the users and rooms have been verified and approved. Also, before you start searching, you will need to confirm your account using your business email.


Badi is designed to help you find a perfect apartment or a roommate, or simply help you rent your room to someone who meets the criteria you set. For example, if you are looking for a non-smoking male roommates without a pet, you can specify these features to get the best results. It also has a paying option via the app, so you can do everything with just a few taps on the screen!



This international app helps you find a roommate, or even find a group of people to rent a house together. It also allows you to rent your room or apartment to somebody. Here you can get to know potential roommates by looking at their social network profiles, and have a private chat with them to make sure you’re on the same page. In case you witness some kind of abusive treatment or fraudulent behavior, you can report it to the operators who are available 24 hours.

SpareRoom USA – Roommate, Room & Property Finder

SpareRoom is designed to help you find the most suitable roommate but also allows you to sublet your apartment. It started as a UK app but is now available in the US also. You can select from hundreds of criteria, or just write your own request. Every user has a budget info, name, publication date, and housing requirements so you can find the best fit in a matter of minutes.

Cirtru Roommate Finder

Cirtru app will make the process of settling down almost effortlessly easy. There is a bundle of ads either looking for roommates or flats, and all of the users have been verified by the app management. You can create interactive profiles that include a video of yourself or a room you want to rent. The app operates in most of the countries and is user-friendly built so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to find your way around.

moving in

Once you found your roommate you can contact the moving company and schedule the moving day, get an estimate and split it with your new friend.

Finding the best roommate has never been easier. Using any of the apps should help you find the perfect Christina to your Meredith and make some friends for a lifetime.

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