Hiring moving brokers-everything you need to know

Hiring moving brokers-everything you need to know

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If you are organizing a last-minute move hiring moving brokers can save you a lot of headaches

How do you go about hiring reputable movers? Is there anything you can do to make your quest and transition easier? As we all know, the process of choosing the right moving company may be very demanding.  A thorough research performed ahead of time may be worthwhile. But, what if you cannot afford the luxury of a timely preparation? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. This is where the assistance of moving brokers comes in handy.

A grand variety of moving companies operating in NYC can offer you a wide selection of professional services when it comes to making a move to a different city. Not only will they transport your possessions safely, but they will significantly ease your relocation.

Having a great number of movers to choose from can be considered an advantage, but it can also be quite an overwhelming task. Before making any final decisions, make sure to make a background check and collect as much information about the moving company as possible. Do your detailed research beforehand so you don’t fall victim to a rogue mover.

Moving your lifetime belongings is an energy-consuming task itself, therefore you should pick a reliable moving company in order to spare yourself the additional stress. A respectable moving company will do the job diligently and ensure that the relocating process is managed as planned and agreed.

Whether you are packing and moving for the first time or you happen to have some experience in that area, you can always use some tips that will help you out and guide you in the right direction.

Why would I choose a moving broker?

While some people are hesitant when it comes to hiring moving brokers, there are some undeniable advantages as well. Hours of unsuccessful researching of reputable moving companies may get rather frustrating. The good news is that a broker connects you with the professionals who are trained to get the job done in an efficient and timely manner.

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Include a brokerage fee in your moving budget if planning to hire moving brokers

Be it a local or an interstate move, you don’t want to take a chance hiring suspicious movers that offer low moving estimates. Always having your unique needs and requirements in mind, moving brokers will consider only those moving companies that abide by the rules and regulations.  As they work as a liaison between quality but affordable moving companies and customers, moving brokers may get in touch with some good movers that you would normally fail to notice or consider.

A legitimate moving broker may ensure access to a lot of competitive moving quotes. As the middlemen between customers and moving companies they typically charge an additional fee for their services.

Since they are collaborating with some of the most reliable local and long-distance movers, you will be able to get a special moving deal that you may normally miss out.

Hopefully our suggestions will help you get a better understanding of what you are paying for. Moving brokers do not have necessary logistic and operational means to perform the move. They can only pair you with the most suitable moving company.  But, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, they are not responsible for the outcome once movers assume control of the moving process.

Worst-case scenarios when dealing with moving brokers

When it comes to relocating, especially in peak season when numerous offers from movers and brokers cannot but catch your eye, you should take some precautions while picking the right company. First of all, make sure to understand the difference between moving companies and brokers.

It is not uncommon that you contact a moving broker thinking it’s an actual moving company. However, brokers are just middlemen that mediate between the customer and the movers. They do not usually own the necessary moving equipment and staff since they aren’t the ones performing the actual move.

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Beware of moving estimates provided via phone

There are many reputable moving brokers that can assist you with the relocating process and arrange your move at a reasonable price. However beware of those uncertified companies that are out there to scam you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of con artists among moving brokers and moving companies. Although it’s considered an illegal action, some moving brokers are trying to deceive customers by impersonating moving companies.

Even though there are some conveniences in hiring a broker that will find a mover for you, you should take notice of all the factors that involve soliciting their services. One of the main problems with moving brokers is that they give estimates by phone. They will ask you to go through each room and make an approximate assessment of your belongings. This could represent a problem since you are not a professional estimator.

Should the final price exceed the initial quote, the broker can easily put the blame on you claiming you haven’t been honest about your property. Also, if the stated phone estimate appears too low to be true, a red flag should be raised for you to suspect that you are dealing with a shady company.

How to protect yourself from fraudulent brokers?

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Check your moving brokers’ operational practices before making any commitment

There are various sources you can turn to in order to check the legitimacy of moving brokers. The very first, infallible way is a recommendation from a friend or relative who’s recently gone through the similar experience. Also, moving reviews proved to be very valuable when it comes to choosing moving brokers who deliver quality service.

As it turns out, a thorough background check may save you tons of money as well as unnecessary headaches. After all, it’s up to you to decide whether the benefits of hiring moving brokers will outweigh possible risks.

Here’s what you should pay attention to when researching moving brokers. Make sure to interview your prospective brokers   so as to keep your move out of harm’s way.

  1. Do moving brokers abide by FMCSA regulations?
  2. Do they work only with fully registered and licensed movers?
  3. Are they willing to provide a list of affiliated moving companies?
  4. Do they identify themselves as brokers or movers?
  5. Are they requesting large upfront cash payment?

Planning a move?

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