6 Moving Tips for People with Disabilities

6 Moving Tips for People with Disabilities

Moving is certainly not the least stressful event in your lifetime. It can become especially stressful and hectic if you have a disability. However, moving is definitely not impossible for people with disabilities, as the proper organization is the key to success. Whatever issue you may have, whatever disability you may be facing, know that you will succeed with the relocation. We have designed this useful guide with plenty of tips and tricks that will help you relocate stress-free. Just like with any relocation, you should be on top of your game and know what is ahead of you in order to gain an advantage.

1. Create a to-do list

Your number one best friend during the relocation will be a to-do list. There are just so many things to do, arrange, research, and complete that sooner or later you would start feeling lost. A to-do list will keep you calm and anchored when things get hectic. Ticking off items from your list is satisfying as well as motivating, so whenever you complete something off the list, make sure to cross it over from the list. You can place one list on the refrigerator, and have another one in your purse, or wallet so that you can always reach it easily. An international move preparation lasts for about 12-16 weeks, and preparations for a local move usually last up to 12 weeks. Imagine how many things you need to memorize and keep track of.

Making a Moving Checklist

2. Hire a reputable moving company

A reputable moving company with years of experience is exactly what you are looking for. You need a capable, well-trained group of people who know what they are doing. Precisely this is what will save you from worrying and being under a lot of stress. Here are a few tips on how to find the perfect moving company:

  • Recommendations – If you are a member of a certain group for people with disabilities, ask them if they have moved recently. They will give you the names of the moving companies they used as well as share their experience with the company. This is the best way to learn whether a moving company is worthy of your time and money.
  • Compare several moving companies – Nowadays, you can find everything that you want on the Internet. A simple Google search will lead you to many moving companies that claim they are the best for your relocation. In order to choose the right one, however, it is important to compare at least 5 of them, get free moving quotes, and only then decide whether they are suitable or not.
  • USDOT number – For your relocation, you want a moving company that is licensed, does not have many claims against them and has experience with moving items of people with disabilities. You can check all of this information by asking the moving company to give you their USDOT number. The FMCSA site is a place where you can enter the number and find out everything that you want to know about your moving company.

3. Find a perfect new place to live

Moving to a home that is more suitable for your lifestyle is the best decision that you can make. Even if the house you like is currently not in the right shape, you can always remodel it. If you are renting the new place, we advise that you consult with the person renting it about possible modifications. Make sure you are on the same page as they are, and you will avoid unnecessary stress. Whether you need safety ramps, a walk-in shower, lower kitchen cabinets, wider doors, know that with an agreement you can have it all. If you can`t visit the place in person, see if you can send someone to check out the situation and arrange for the remodeling to begin as soon as possible. And, if you still haven`t found the right place for you, keep looking until you find something worth moving for.

4. Define the budget

Budget is also a concern when moving both for people with and without disabilities. The more money you have the easier you can make the process go. However, what is even more important is to define the budget and operate within it. In this way, you will know your limits and what you should or should not choose when moving. It is also important not to go over the budget a lot because this can only add up stress in the end. If you need financial help, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of organizations, such as Grants.gov, or Elderly or Disabled Living that can help you achieve your final goal.

moving on a tight budget

5. Pack an essentials bag

During the relocation, it is quite useful to have something called an essentials bag within your hand reach. Think of it as a first-aid kit for moving. This bag should contain everything that you will need 24-48 hours once the relocation begins. Here, you should place your phone chargers, important documents, medicaments, and even expensive jewelry if you want. It should also contain clean clothes that you can wear after you move in without opening any of the other boxes. Also, you will find out that it is useful to place toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, clean towel, and everything you need to freshen up. This bag is a time-saver as well as a nerve-saver.


6. Remain calm in any situation

Perhaps not everything will go as planned. Maybe you will encounter problems that you think cannot be solved. But the truth is every problem has a solution, as long as you remain calm in any situation. Find the time for doing fun stuff each day. Don`t forget to watch your favorite series, read a book, or go out with friends, just because you are moving out soon. It is all about balance and having a fun, relaxed time can make the relocation even enjoyable. Good luck!

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