14 Tips for Moving During the School Year

14 Tips for Moving During the School Year

Moving with children can be hard, especially when you’re moving during the school year. While planning a relocation and getting ready for a big change, you also have to make sure that your child gets through it comfortably and adapts to new surroundings. If you’re wondering how to make it all work, you’re not alone. We’ve prepared these tips for moving during the school year to help you get through it with ease.

Tips for moving during the school year

1. Talk about the move

Mom and Daughter Talking and Laugh

When you’re moving with children, it’s crucial to let them know way ahead about what’s going to happen and discuss the move with them. You can have a family meeting that will give them a chance to share their feelings. Don’t wait for the last minute because kids moving in a rush can have a hard time accepting the change. Discuss in advance and allow for enough time to process and prepare for relocation. Encourage your kids to ask questions and be ready to meet their concerns with patience. Listen carefully and be compassionate with your children because moving can be a really stressful event for them.

2. Research new schools

When you’re moving during the school year, you’ll need to find a school in advance and not lose time on finding one after you move. Do your research in advance and start searching a few months before moving. Once you have a few options, go ahead and visit those schools to ask about after-school activities and get first-hand info. Once you know that your children can go to school in your new city, the whole move will be much easier for everyone.

3. Ask for recommendations

Depending on the school you’re applying to, recommendation letters may be required. Go ahead and ask current teachers or other relevant school employees to write a recommendation for your child.

4. Transfer all important records and transcripts

Notify the current school about the move so they could transfer all official transcripts. Also, chances are that the new school will need proof of required shots, so make sure that medical records get forwarded.

5. Make a goodbye party

A Goodbye Party

It can be difficult for anyone to say goodbye to the current home, and especially for a kid to say farewell to teachers and schoolmates. A thoughtful goodbye party can be a great way to make some memories and prepare for a new chapter.

6. Visit the new school together

Take your child on a tour and walk together around the campus. Once your kid gets familiar with new surroundings and meets a new teacher, it’ll be easier for them to cope than facing everything new on the first day.

7. Introduce yourself

While visiting a new school, use the opportunity to introduce yourself and meet teachers and school counselors. They will play an important role in your child’s transition, and they will help you get up to speed with current happenings.

8. Involve children in moving preparations

Another great tip for moving during the school year is involving your kids in the process. Let them do small tasks like labeling boxes, packing their own things, etc. Ask them about their new room, let them come up with ideas for decorating it, and communicate with them during the entire relocation. If they get involved, they’ll have something to focus on, and they’re much more likely to deal with the change.

9. Do some shopping together

Another great thing you can do to prepare your child for a move during the school year is to go shopping for school supplies. Let them pick their favorite bag, notepads, pens, and other supplies they might need. It can be a good way to get them excited and accept the upcoming change.

10. Prepare for the first day

It’s always helpful to be prepared in advance, and helping your child get ready for a new school will be extremely beneficial. There are a few ways to do so, from visiting a new classroom and meeting the teacher, to making a family breakfast on the first day and buying supplies that they pick. Chances are they will go through the change much easier if they’re already familiar with a new school.

11. Encourage your child to socialize

The sooner your kid makes friends, the better, and one of the best ways to meet new mates is to engage in some extracurricular activities. Encourage them to take part in sport, theater, dance, or any type of activity they like. Having extra fun and meeting new friends will also make it easier to deal with missing old friends.

12. Meet up with parents

Getting to know other parents in your new area will also help speed up the process and adapt faster. Go to PTA meetings, sign up to help in the classroom, and engage in other activities that will help you meet other parents. Besides helping your child, you may also end up making new friends.

13. Keep in touch

Keep in Touch With Friends After Moving to Another Country

While you want your child to adjust to a new school and make new friends, you also want them to stay connected to the old ones. Keeping in touch is important, so help them make a phone call, send a text, or video chat with loved ones.

14. Stay supportive

Change is not easy for anyone, and your child may need more time than you think to get comfortable with a new school, new teacher, new classmates, and new home. It’s important that you stay supportive and patient with them, as well as to make sure you have enough family time so they wouldn’t feel alone. Talk to them and encourage them to engage in activities out of school to have fun and make friends.

Moving during the school year doesn’t have to be stressful. While you focus on preparing your child for a change, Dumbo Moving and Storage will take care of relocation. Get in touch today to get a free moving quote.

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