10 Reasons Why You Should Move to California

10 Reasons Why You Should Move to California

California, called the sunny state, is the land of Hollywood dreams for several reasons like its beauty, weather, and various opportunities. In addition, the sunny state is the place where Silicon Valley was born. And the state’s name comes from a Spanish novel that mentions a mythical paradise called California.

California has around forty million residents . It’s bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Nevada to the east, Arizona to the southeast, the Mexican state of Baja California to the south, and Oregon to the north. The nature of the state’s political, economic, and social life is very fluid, thanks to people from different areas and regions, making California an ideal place for testing new living modes. It is often described as the most modern state throughout the whole U.S. Although California is a highly urban area, it still holds the top of the states with a highly developed agricultural production. Also, California is rich in national parks and dedicated to the conversation and development of its nature and natural resources.

So, if you are thinking about moving to California and need an extra push, please stay tuned as in this blog, we’ll list ten reasons why you should move to California.

The Weather

One of the main reasons you should move to California is its heavenly weather. The weather in the whole state is diverse as the residents are. The Northern part is the home to the legendary fog. That usually occurs during the summer, at dusk. The prevalent climate throughout California is similar to the Mediterranean. That means prevalently dry summers and pretty mild and wet winters.

As for the coast, the temperature goes around seventy to eighty degrees on the hottest summer days. Brutally freezing temperatures are extremely rare, even on the coldest days. When talking about higher altitudes, the weather often resembles the four-season cycle with intense and beautiful summers, rich autumn colors, icy and snowy winters, and fresh spring periods. Peak summer months are from June to August. Autumn starts in September and lasts thru November, and winters often last from November to March. On the other side, spring months usually last from March through early May.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, California is bordered by diverse states, including Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Baja California, implying that it’s the center of different cultures. In addition, California’s beauty often attracts people from all around the globe. Residents often describe California as one of the most diverse places throughout the U.S. because of the different cultures, arts, traditions, no matter what part of the state you choose to live in.

The PCH – The Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is around eight hundred and forty miles long. Located in California, it represents one of the most beautiful coastlines, often described as the most beautiful scenic drive in the U.S. It’s also super convenient connecting San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Once you’ve seen the beauty of the coastline, it will be tough for you to live anywhere else, especially if you are a car enthusiast, as the aesthetic view is unmatched.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is probably the best place to live if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. The name Silicon Valley was first mentioned in nineteen seventy-one, and the area represents the world’s center of technological innovation. The world’s most renowned industry, technology, and business experts set up their bases here. Additionally, Silicon Valley is probably the main reason California has a booming economic scene and an extraordinary job market.

So, those that think they have the next million-dollar idea and want to start a business should undoubtedly move here.

Healthy Living

Another brilliant reason for you to move to California revolves around the fact that it’s very easy to live a healthy lifestyle here. There is a wide range of vegetarian and vegan restaurants that can be found in every corner of Los Angeles. Also, the number of outdoor activities is infinite, meaning maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a breeze. The Golden State community enforces getting fit and staying healthy so if you want to get in shape, be sure to move to California.


The warm weather was the main reason why Hollywood became the center of the movie industry. Hollywood is a neighborhood located in L.A., California. It often represents a synonym for money, power, and glamour as Hollywood is the home to the world’s most popular record companies, television, and movie studios. To this day, Hollywood is the epicenter of film television in the U.S. Also, California is the capital of revolutionary digital technologies and has the best film schools in the country.


San Francisco was the home to the revolutionary psychedelic scene in the sixties. And, Los Angeles’s Laurel Canyon hosted the most talented music artists in the seventies. Los Angeles is the home to one of the biggest music scenes in the world, whether you like hip hop, metal, rap, RnB, rock, or pop music. Also, California is known for drawing in the most talented music students who want to attend the country’s best conservatories and music schools.

The Incredible Food Scene

The quality of the California food scene is remarkable since it has a massive agricultural economy that even produces half of vegetables, fruit, and nuts grown in the whole USA. Additionally, it also has a prosperous wine industry. If you move here, make sure to try a burrito in San Francisco. Also, check out the famous food trucks in L.A.


Did you know that California holds top-notch schools if you consider getting a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in almost any field you can think of? Getting a degree here might be one of the crucial reasons for you to move to California.


Nightlife in California consists of numerous pubs, bars, clubs, all night cruises, especially when talking about Los Angeles. Four of LA most lively neighborhoods include Downtown, Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz. There is a reason stars write and sing about California as the city of exciting nightlife and neverending parties. So, if you are a big fan of going out and thinking of moving here, look no more.

That’s it guys, we’ve listed the top ten reasons why you should move to California. We hope you had fun, enjoyed this blog, and and found it useful on relocating to the sunny state. Also, if you are moving from NYC to California, do not hesitate to reach out. Our long distance movers NYC will be more than happy to assist you with your upcoming move.

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