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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Move To Miami

Miami…the coastal metropolis filled with palms, high rises, splendid beaches, and gorgeous people… it may seem at first that there couldn’t possibly be a downside to moving here. While yes, there’s a long list of pros of moving to Miami, there are many not-so-great things to consider as well. So come along as we go through the top 10 reasons why you should never move to Miami. We’ll look into the worst things about living in Miami so you could weigh your pros and cons and decide if moving to the Magic City is a bad idea or not.

Miami Florida

1. The lack of seasons

The first reason why you should never move to Miami is the lack of seasons. While a warm climate is attractive for most people, others may find it pretty boring, especially those moving from the north. If you’re moving from NYC to Miami, you may find yourself dreaming about four seasons, snowy streets, or fall foliage. Not having change of seasons can be a real deal-breaker but can also be a pro since you can ditch your winter coats and forget about freezing in the cold.

2. The heat

Our next con of moving to Miami is also related to climate. While lots of people move to Miami for warm weather, they may not understand just how hot it is until they actually start living here. The heat combined with extreme humidity is definitely not a nice side of Miami life. The humid subtropical climate can make your life so miserable for several reasons. First, hotness and mugginess can really bother some people but even if that doesn’t apply to you, you’ll be affected in other ways. You’ll constantly be on the lookout for the A/C and you’ll be spending less and less time outdoors. Of course, this is highly individual, so we’re just sharing what seem to be the most common reasons to hate living in Miami. Next, showers are a thing, and trust us, they will happen daily during hurricane season.

3. Hurricane season

Speaking of hurricane season, that’s another reason why you shouldn’t move to Miami. This downside of Florida weather lasts from June to November. During this period, you can expect hurricanes to happen anytime. Sometimes they won’t be so horrible but other times they’ll leave devastating carnage. Tornadoes and hurricanes are a big downside of Miami life and often a top reason why people hate living here. The bottom line is – if it’s not sunny, it’s raining heavily, and you’ll either get used to it or decide that it’s better not to move to Miami. On the bright side, most people living in Florida get used to rainstorms and carry out various outdoor activities to keep them occupied until the storm passes.

4. The traffic

The fourth reason why you should never move to Miami is traffic. Depending on which city or state you’re moving from, you may or may not be used to rude drivers. But Miami drivers take rudeness and bad driving to a whole new level.

5. Being a part of it

While dealing with horrible traffic is one of the downsides of living in Miami, the real trouble lies in having to be a part of it. You just have to drive and own a car if you have places to be and things to do. If you’re moving from New York City, you’re probably used to relying on public transportation. But, you’ll quickly learn that you have to change your ways in Florida. Driving will become a part of your daily routine which is perfectly fine for some people but may be a deal-breaker for others.

Traffic Jam in Florida

6. Pedestrian-unfriendly

The sixth reason why you shouldn’t move to Miami has to do with what we just talked about − the Sunshine State is not pedestrian-friendly at all and you won’t get far by walking. Furthermore, pedestrian deaths are much higher in Florida compared to the national average. So, even if you stop to let a pedestrian cross the street, you’ll get annoyed by honks from drivers behind you. The struggle is real if you don’t drive so you better learn fast if you want to start feeling at home in Miami.

7. Roaches

So you know how much people love the idea of living in Miami? Well, as much as you love living here, roaches love it more. They love hot weather so much that you may think that all of them just moved to Miami, plus, they get seriously big. That’s just the way it is. Miami roaches are huge – and that’s our reason number seven why you should never move here. You’ll have to sign up for pest control before you do anything else and a company you hire will visit your home regularly. However, this may not always be as efficient as you’d want it to be so you may still get pests but the good side is that pest control company should be able to help in this case at no additional cost.

8. Bear and alligators

Besides roaches, you also shouldn’t be surprised about the eighth con of moving to Miami. You can find a bear or alligator chilling in your backyard. As more and more people move to Miami, obviously there’s more demand for homes. More subdivisions means less space for wildlife and homes closer and closer to bear habitats. So don’t be surprised to find a bear going through your garbage bin or even one in your garage in its search for food. The situation is quite similar with alligators since there are over a million wild alligators in Florida.

To make things more interesting, they enjoy swamps as much as your swimming pool so don’t be so surprised to have another guest at your pool party. Joke aside, an alligator taking a dip in someone’s pool does happen more often than you may think. Oh yes, add dozens of snake types to this list. Yikes.

9. More insects

While bears, snakes, and alligators won’t be your everyday thing, nasty insects will. The warm tropical environment makes mosquitos, spiders, and ants thrive in Miami. They just love it and since there’s no winter, they’ll stick around the entire year. Get used to carrying a repellant in each bag and loving it more than your favorite fragrance.

10. Tourist crowds

The reason number ten why you should never move to Miami is that there are too many tourists. With more than 6 million people living in the metro area and countless tourists, Miami gets packed and traffic get worse if that was even possible. This can prevent you from enjoying what is actually a pretty awesome city. So, you’ll either have to learn to deal with it or move elsewhere because Miami is not getting any less popular.

So there you have it, those are our top ten reasons why you should never move to Miami. Of course, there are more downsides of living in the Magic City. But eventually, the good sides may easily outweigh the cons and you may really enjoy living here. The most important thing after all is to know all the pros and cons so you could make an informed decision. Perhaps the lower cost of living compared to New York City will be just enough for you to have a comfortable lifestyle in Miami and enjoy all of its perks. Or maybe the hot weather is just what you need to feel alive after living in a cold state. The Sunshine State and especially Miami have so much to offer that you should definitely at least visit and give it a chance before you call it quits.

If not, you can always add another thing to the reasons why you chose not to move to Miami. What are some of the things you hate about living in Miami?