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10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Phoenix, AZ

Diverse and thriving, the city of Phoenix attracts young adults, families with children, and retirees. With plenty of sunshine, an abundance of amenities, and reasonable costs, Phoenix has a lot to offer for any budget and any lifestyle. If you’re thinking about moving here but have a few doubts, this article should help you learn about the benefits of living in the “Valley of the Sun”. Carry on reading to find 10 reasons why you should move to Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix, AZ - Aerial


One of the biggest draws of moving to Phoenix is that it offers plenty of opportunities. The job market is strong and it gives you countless ways to make money, whether you’re looking for employment or to start your own business. Those looking to set up shop will be happy to know that Phoenix is an ideal place to do so. It’s no secret that the city is a hub for the fast-growing technology industry. There are plenty of night companies but small businesses as well. Some of the big-name companies have their headquarters here, including Amazon, Freeport McMoRan, Avnet, Uber, Shutterfly, to only name a few. So if you’re worried about whether you’ll land a job after moving here, things are looking pretty good and you should have no trouble finding something that suits you.

Things to do

The next reason why you should consider moving to Phoenix is that there are many things to do. Arizona is home to many attractions, and that’s something both locals and visitors agree on. Indoor and outdoor activities are equally abundant, and people of all ages will find some sort of entertainment in Phoenix. Even though high temperatures can be an issue for some, the city is always busy with all sorts of activities. Parks are always a great way to fight the heat and luckily, Phoenix has plenty of them together with desert preserves.


For families with children, education is one of the top priorities. The quality of schools often plays an important role when choosing a place to settle. The good news is that the city has pretty good scores when it comes to education options. More than thirty school districts are found here and the city boasts around 325 public schools as well as more than 200 private schools.

Kids In A Classroom


On the other hand, retirees find as much pleasure in Arizona as young families do. This is one of the best places for seniors looking to spend their retirement soaking up the sun. Besides the warm climate, Phoenix also has an affordable cost of living, making it convenient for retirees living on a fixed income. Home value and property taxes are also reasonable.


Another pro of moving to Phoenix is the wide selection of neighborhoods. Whatever your budget and lifestyle may be, rest assured you’ll find a suitable neighborhood to call home. Some areas are more popular among the younger demographic and they boast lots of nightlife options. Other neighborhoods are more appealing to families and these areas feature family-friendly amenities. Neighborhoods for senior citizens are also easy to find and most of the features can be found here so there’s no need to travel across the city to get necessities and spend some quality time.

Phoenix Downtown


If you’re interested in wildlife, you should definitely consider moving to Phoenix. The city has incredibly unique wildlife, with many species you won’t see anywhere else. A wide variety of snakes can be seen in this region, as well as coyotes, wild pigs, Gila monsters, scorpions, etc. Luckily, most of these species stay out of the inner city and are usually seen in local zoos or along more outlying hiking trails.


Besides interesting wildlife, Phoenix also has a booming nightlife scene. You’ll get to choose from various bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs, lounges, etc. Whatever your taste may be, rest assured you’ll find something you like. This is another reason why you should move to Arizona – to enjoy its vibrant community and thriving nightlife scene.

Scenes From A Nightlife

Art and culture

If you love art, Phoenix will not disappoint you. Being such a diverse city with a rich cultural heritage, Phoenix offers lots in terms of art and culture. Anything from exploring local galleries to seeing a ballet performance is possible here so all tastes can be satisfied in the Valley of the Sun.

Food scene

Another reason why you should move to Phoenix is that it is perfect for foodies. As mentioned before, the city is diverse and has a mixed cultural heritage, resulting in many unique cuisines and flavors. From authentic Mexican food to traditional American comfort food, Phoenix will satisfy even the pickiest of foodies. Fine dining is a thing as much as taco trucks so don’t expect to sleep hungry in here. For the brave ones, a deep-fried rattlesnake is a local specialty. For others, some of the best pizzerias in the country can be found in Phoenix.

Some Mexican Food On A Table


For those moving from big cities and dealing with traffic jams, Phoenix may be a real game-changer. The city’s grid system makes it easy to move around, whether you prefer to drive your own car or use public transportation. Phoenix has some of the lightest traffic statistics in the country so you won’t have to worry about spending hours stuck in traffic once you move here.

Moving To Phoenix – Summary

Hopefully, this article will give you enough info to figure out whether moving from NYC to Arizona is the right thing to do. There are many reasons why you should move to Phoenix but it’s always smart to consider your lifestyle and your needs before making such a big decision. If you’ve decided to relocate, then keep in mind you’ll need help from reliable long distance movers NYC. Contact several moving companies and let them inform you of what you can expect. In the meantime, read online about long-distance moving tips, such as the exhaustive guidelines to moving cross country, guidelines for a long-distance move, etc.

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