Moving to Queens made easy

Moving to Queens made easy

re-brick house with a large frontyard
After moving to Queens you will be able to explore closely one of the most charming NYC boroughs

Moving to New York City can be as exciting as much as it is overwhelming. Stepping on the busy NYC streets for the first time may come as a shock to newcomers, especially if they are moving from a peaceful, small town with a very different pace.

Having decided, after careful consideration, that this is the city you wish to call your home or make an office move to, it is time now for you to pick the most suitable neighborhood. If you want to have the Big Apple experience from a fresh perspective, we recommend moving to Queens as a great option.
It may not be as popular as Manhattan, but moving to Queens will offer you plenty of housing and business opportunities.

If you wish to settle down in a great, yet affordable neighborhood then look no further. You don’t have to spend your lifetime savings buying a small and overpriced apartment in New York. In comparison to other boroughs, Queens has the best median prices per square foot which make it a great choice for buying a house or renting an apartment. Not only is the real estate market very favorable, but the overall costs of living are significantly lower. You can have the best of both worlds – living in stimulating surroundings with lower prices.

Don’t let the location discourage you. Thanks to the developed public transportation you can travel from Queens all around New York City. If you happen to work in Manhattan, it can take you a 20-minute train ride to get you there. You can rely on a highly functioning subway and bus system that will simplify your commute and save you some money.

Moving to Queens – the new up-and-coming neighborhood

Moving to New York City and being a part of the famous city culture and enticing lifestyle, represents a lifelong

skyscrapers and yellow cabs on NYC streets
Get ready for a hectic NYC pace before moving to Queens

dream of many aspiring New Yorkers. Out of the five New York City boroughs, Manhattan and Brooklyn are the big two that attract the tourists’ attention. It is a known fact that Brooklyn has come to take over the title of the hip and striving neighborhood over the last years.

Bewildered by Manhattan’s general fabulousness and Brooklyn’s artsy vibe, many of us can overlook the charms and hidden treasures of other NYC boroughs.
If you are looking to experience the thrilling City life from a different angle and seize the chances that may come to you, then you may consider Queens as your new starting point. Queens often goes unnoticed as a potential place to settle in, however you shouldn’t disregard the opportunities that this second most populated county in New York State has to offer.

What to expect when relocating to Queens?

Even though it doesn’t get the spotlight it rightfully deserves, Queens has quietly risen to be named one of the top travel destinations in the US. This statement may come as a surprise to many, however, being one of the most diverse places in the world comes with its perks.
The number of people moving to Queens is constantly increasing, but it’s not just the hype around it that is making them stay. There are more than 100 nationalities living in Queens speaking over a hundred different languages – a fact that justifies the name of the world’s melting pot.

Many different nationalities living one next to another are bound to enrich the culture of any city. The food scene is booming in Queens and you can choose from numerous ethnic cuisines – Astoria will offer you the best Greek food while Flushing is famous for its Chinatown.

Every art lover moving to Queens will be happy to know that it’s not necessary to visit Manhattan in order to find world-class art. MoMA PS1 museum and Socrates Sculpture Park located in Long Island City will astound you with exceptional traditional and contemporary art. Performing arts thrive in The Queens Theater where you can see national and international performances and art event around the year.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in outdoors activities, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape in Queens Botanical Garden and relax viewing the spectacular skyline over Gantry Plaza state park.

Hiring affordable and reliable professionals when moving to Queens

a yellow mover pulling a box when moving to Queens
Know exactly what to look for when soliciting movers’ assistance

Relocating from one city to another is not an easy task and requires meticulous planning and organization. Having decided that you will be moving to Queens, the next choice to make is whether you will take the job of transporting your belongings upon yourself or you will seek the help of professional movers. Considering all the factors involved in a moving process, we highly recommend you to rely on an expertise of a trustworthy moving company. While hunting for the services of a reliable, yet affordable mover, start by doing your research.

The moving process is always pricey and can be a nuisance, therefore you should expect of a good mover to make it easier for you. If you wish to find the best deal possible, you should start planning several months in advance, due to the fact that the most affordable movers get booked very early.

Can movers relieve the relocation stress?

Hiring movers on the last minute is never a good idea since you can lose some special moving deals and offers. In order to cater to their clients, respectable companies are often willing to give you a discount. Sometimes you can get a great service for a reasonable price if you solicit the service of a smaller local moving company that will ensure that you get the best moving to Queens experience.

a hand giving a five star rating after moving to Queens
Other customers’ (dis)satisfaction may be a promising lead when researching moving companies

One of the requirements you should be looking for is that you pay what’s been previously established in a moving estimate, without any hidden fees. Offering a low rate services shouldn’t exclude professionalism, efficiency and safety. If you get lucky to come across a client oriented mover, you can expect them to provide you with additional packing material or offer to deliver the supplies for free.
Before settling for a particular company, make sure to check their credentials and seek for recommendations from family members and friends. Do not underestimate the moving reviews written by unsatisfied customers. During this decision making process be aware of the existence of fraudulent moving companies that may offer you services that sound too good to be true. Significantly lower moving quotes and estimates done over the phone should raise a red flag.

Planning a move?

Experience the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted, affordable moving service. Our team of dedicated movers is committed to providing excellent customer service and making sure your items arrive in the same condition they were in before the move. We work hard to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible and that your possessions are handled with the utmost care. With our competitive prices and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure that your move will be an enjoyable and successful experience.

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