How to Pack Bowls for Moving

How to Pack Bowls for Moving

Supposedly, kitchen items are very notorious when it comes to packing and moving, while some are way easier to pack than others. Mainly because kitchen items are very oddly shaped and somewhat fragile, making them vulnerable to damage. As mentioned earlier, some are harder to pack than others. For instance, metalware that doesn’t need extra cushioning because it’s not suspectable for damage. On the other hand, glassware requires extra care and attention, especially when it comes to very valuable pieces. Now, bowls fall somewhere around the middle of the aforementioned ranking. Although simply shaped (except for less common stemmed bowls), they’re very fragile. So, it is not difficult to pack bowls for moving, but you should still be careful, especially if you really value the piece.

So, if you are moving soon and need to pack up some of your bowls, check out the following text below.

Ceramic Bowls On A Table


To make packing your kitchen easier, we recommend sorting out your bowls before the actual process starts. How do you do that?

Think about how often you use every bowl, how expensive it is, and in what condition it is now before you decide which items to pack. This will help you decide which bowls are worth your time and effort when it comes to packing them. The more bowls you need to pack, the more trouble around it. Besides time and effort, you’ll need to spend a moderate amount on packing materials, which are definitely not cheap, making the entire moving process higher. Furthermore, an excessive amount of bowls will take up more space in your new home, which should be avoided if you want your new place to look neat and organized.

So, we advise only taking the bowls that are commonly used and in good shape. The rest should be thrown away. So how to get rid of bowls that you don’t plan on using? Well, by throwing them or giving the bowls away to some of your friends, family, and colleagues.

Another brilliant tip when it comes to packing your bowls is organizing them by their type. For instance, dip bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls, china bowls, plastic bowls, and even glass bowls. This way, it will be way easier and safer to pack when you start preparing for the move.

Packing Materials

The next step, which is very important for the appropriate moving of your bowls, is to obtain proper moving and packing supplies NYC. So, we’ll begin with moving boxes (strong medium-sized). Opt for heavy-duty moving boxes NYC to get the best protection for your bowls. If you wonder where to get free cardboard boxes, contact professional Manhattan movers since they can surely help you out with that. For instance, dish barrels represent heavy-duty packing boxes. They are specially designed for transporting and packing fragile items, and plates are an excellent choice for moving your bowls.

Remember to avoid used boxes as this can result in breakage of your items. Also, it’s very important not to overpack as this can also result in damage to your belongings. Next is packing paper since you’ll be needing it to wrap up all your bowls, meaning you should make sure to obtain plenty of it. Furthermore, you can use any type of paper like a newspaper to fill all the empty spaces.

The Packing Supplies For Packing Dishware - Bubble Wrap, Packing Paper, Packing Tape & A Cardboard Box

You will also need bubble wrap, especially if you have crystal bowls, stemmed bowls, and other valuable objects. Also, some pieces of bubble wrap can be used as extra cushioning.

Packing tape is used to reinforce and seal moving boxes. Although this might not seem important, we recommend purchasing some permanent markers which are used to label all those moving boxes as fragile, therefore significantly lowering the risk of damage.


The last step before the actual packing process starts is to absolutely make sure that the boxes are safe for use, meaning they’ll provide the best possible protection for your bowls. To avoid the most common packing mistakes, you’ll need to do the following:

Reinforce the boxes since bowls, especially when talking about larger pieces, are very heavy, meaning that you should make sure that the boxes will withstand the weight. So, we advise you to reinforce all the bottoms of the boxes you plan on using. Also, double tape their edges making sure the cartons don’t fall apart under any pressure, especially of the contents.

Make sure to create a cushioning layer on the bottom of all the moving boxes. We recommend lining the bottoms of all the moving boxes with bubble wrap, old newspaper, old towels, or any sort of soft padding which is used to provide extra cushioning for any breakable kitchen items alongside bowls. Crumpled newspapers are the best material.


Now, we can finally talk about packing. The most important tip is very universal and refers to all types of bowls. All bowls should be wrapped individually in packing paper and then arranged on their sides in very strong, well reinforced, and padded boxes. Next, fill the empty space in the boxes with extra cushioning, and then seal them shut with high-quality packing tape. However, all types of bowls have their own distinctive features meaning that in some cases, it might be hard for you to pack in the best possible manner.

Glass Bowls

Glass bowls are among the most fragile types of bowls and are, therefore, probably the hardest to pack. They are very fragile and require the highest possible level of protection. If you need to pack up glass bowls for moving, So, follow our guidelines for packing and moving fine glassware and china, and you’ll be fine.:

  • Place one stack of paper on a flat surface.
  • Next, you need to put a glass bowl at the very center of the aforementioned paper. Then take a couple of sheets from any of the corners, pull them over the bowl you’re packing, and tuck them into it.
  • Do the exact same thing from every corner to ensure maximum security.
  • Wrap up the entire bowls into another packing paper like bubble wrap.
  • Secure the wrapped bowl with tape.
  • Wrap all your glass bowls the same way and place them in a padded box; just make sure not to overpack.

If you need help or don`t have enough time and energy, consider hiring professional movers and packers to help you pack bowls for moving and take care of the moving process for you.

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