Contributing to the moving process 101

Contributing to the moving process 101

There are few life-changing events more stressful than a household move. It may sound like a cliché, but navigating a moving process can be truly daunting. Having analyzed all the pros and cons of hiring movers vs. moving on your own, you’ve made the wise decision to get professional helpers. Surely, having the top-rated movers by your side can help you navigate the moving process smoothly. But, if you prefer having more control over your relocation, you would certainly consider contributing to the moving process by adding a personal touch.

four boxes with the tape and scissors on them
Start contributing to the moving process by properly packing your belongings

Even if you have the best local movers’ support, there is always something you could do to give significant momentum to your moving project. Considering the number to moving tasks involved, you could be of great assistance even to the most experienced of movers in order to save some time and money.

The truth is that your full-service moving companies Long Island are trained to handle each stage of the move in an efficient and timely manner. However, you have a leading role during the pre-move period. Your organizational skills and meticulous planning will largely determine the course of moving day. If you know how to properly prepare for your movers’ arrival, you will save quite some time on moving day. Also, your moving company crew will appreciate your proactive approach.

How to prepare for movers?

Although your movers are equipped to take care of the most demanding of tasks, every step you take to prepare for movers before they arrive may considerably speed up the moving process.

  • Finish packing before moving day comes.

Unless you’ve hired full-service movers who will pack up your belongings, you will need to finish the packing task before they show up. If there are some items that need special handling, make sure to keep them in a designated area. And remember, the longer you keep your movers wait, the more you will pay.

  • Disconnect and clean electronics and appliances.

Remove all cables and pack them safely so as to be able to reconnect them easily once you reach your new home. Defrost your fridge and clean some of the most commonly ignored areas like ovens.

Empty all drawers, cupboards, and shelves

colorful post-its
Color-code your boxes for easier handling and unpacking

Take out the contents of your drawers and cupboards to make lifting and hauling easier.

  • Label each box according to the content and destination.

All boxes should be properly labeled, especially those containing delicate items. Adequate labels will give your movers specific handling guidelines.

  • Set aside items that shouldn’t be moved.

Designate a place where to keep personal files, documents,  gadgets and other stuff you don’t want to be packed or moved by your movers.

  • Measure doorway and dismantle furniture

Check if your large furniture pieces will fit through the door and along narrow hallways. Dismantle bulky pieces always keeping tiny parts attached to the piece they belong to.

  • Protect floors and walls.

Use old blankets, towels, and corrugated cardboard to protect floors and carpets. Old fabrics, foam padding, and bubble wrap may help you keep your walls and corners safe.

How to ensure a moving day safety

Take the necessary precautions when preparing your home for the big day. Contributing to the moving process starts with some safety adjustments.

Clear any obstacles.

a girl and a cat sleeping
Make sure your kids and pets are safe on moving day

Ensure a safe route from your home to the moving truck so that your movers can easily manoeuver the load. Do your best to prevent personal injuries and damage to the property by ensuring nothing gets in the movers’ way.

  • Make arrangements for kids and pets.

Your little ones may get easily agitated by the chaotic pre-move situation. Moving can be really stressful for them, so make sure to have a trusted friend or relative take care of them on moving day.

  • Inform your movers about possible safety issues in advance.

Help your Hoboken movers prepare for the move by providing them with all relevant information about your home. That way they can bring specialized tools and equipment to perform a safe move.

  • Get appropriate moving insurance.

If you are moving items of great sentimental and monetary value make sure to know all the risks your belongings are exposed to during the move. So, get the right insurance coverage to ensure your peace of mind on moving day.

  • Do not make boxes too heavy.

Use small boxes to pack heavy items and pack light items into large containers. Although your movers are skillful and experienced, they do not have superpowers. Gather free moving boxes in order to distribute the load properly.

Contributing to the moving process and overall satisfaction

It goes without saying that you should be present to welcome your movers and walk them around your home. Be punctual and don’t waste their time since they are also working on a tight schedule. Warn them about any important information and peculiarities about your home. Make sure they have easy access to the bathroom and clean towels.

thumb up and colorful balloons indicating reviews contributing to the moving process
Share your moving experience with other people

Also, keep them hydrated and energized by offering refreshments and a light lunch – non-alcoholic beverages, water, coffee, and tea depending on the season. Stay out of the way while your movers are doing their job, but stay around the house in case they need you. To sum up, treat your movers the way you want to be treated. They are human beings working hard and contributing to the moving process. So, the least you could do is to treat them respectfully.

Be considerate of their needs and make them feel comfortable. Keep open communication all along in order to eliminate potential misunderstandings and errors. Last but not least, reward your movers with an appropriate tip according to their performance. Although tips are not mandatory, they are highly appreciated. By tipping your movers you will show appreciation for their hard work. Also, don’t forget to rate your moving company and leave a review. Other people planning a move may benefit from your moving story, so make sure to summarize your impressions once you settle into your new home.

Planning a move?

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