The 6 Most Stressful Stages of Moving

The 6 Most Stressful Stages of Moving

According to a recent study involving around 2000 participants, moving is in the top five stressful situations alongside divorce and losing a job. Although moving to a new place is undoubtedly a nice change, you will need to invest a lot of time, money and energy. The process above is something all of us encounter a couple of times in a lifetime, and it is essential to do it properly. There are a couple of stages of the whole moving process, while some are very stressful and not easily managed. If you are changing places soon and need help with acknowledging and coping with the most stressful stages of moving, read the following text.

1. Preparation for Moving

Dealing with the moving stress will get a whole lot easier if you prepare right. The key is proper planning and organization. Put every phase of moving on paper while conducting a budget. Come up with a strategic plan and decide what to put as a priority. Keep in mind, surprises and unexpected events can always happen, so it will be better to meet them prepared. Mail everyone you need to with your new address, including your employer, family, friend, etc., since users state this was a big hassle. Do not forget to enjoy this whole process, as when it’s appropriately planned; it can be quite fun.

2. Packing

For some, this is the most stressful stage of moving since it involves direct work with a lot of planning. The first step is to declutter your home and throw away anything you don’t need or put it in storage. If any of the stuff you plan on throwing away is usable,  consider gifting them to a charity or an unprofitable organization. Packing is next. Even starting small is a big step as long as you start on time. Do not forget to pack your essentials and valuables separately. Label every box with tags like books, fragile, kitchenware, etc.

Labeling Moving Boxes

Movers report most clients to have problems finding all their stuff while unpacking, so do not make the mistake of not labeling. Therefore label every box – it will help later. If you arent sure how to pack certain belongings like glassware, antiques, kitchenware, jewelry, look up various guides online.

Those who struggle with packing or don’t have time can go with hiring movers that will gladly help you pack or do the work for you. Just keep in mind there are many shady services out there; therefore, only hire certified firms.

3. Personal Day

Set out a day for packing your essentials and valuables ( things you need by your side at all times), including passports, personal documents, phones, laptops, tablets, emergency clothes, medicaments, toothbrushes, etc.) This stage is vital since it can get very stressful dealing with confusion about your essentials located in a sea of boxes. Also, it is recommended to spend this day sorting out receipts, documents and finishing up obligatory paperwork.

4. The Big Day

It is time for moving. Make sure you take big breaths and always keep in the back of your mind that not everything will go as planned. Remember to stay flexible in every moment. Prepare the money for movers and keep it close on a moving day if you plan on finishing everything on time. Do not forget to tip your movers ( at least 20 percent). Users report that ordering take-out and grabbing a bottle of wine can go a long way and make their day.

Tipping Movers After Moving is Done

It might be a good idea to get an insurance policy since some of your stuff might get damaged in the transport. Some services offer various insurance discounts as long as you check on time.

5. The Day After

The first week after moving can be quite disorienting. However, it is recommended that you check for damage on your stuff the first day after the move. Take photos if you find something damaged and post them to the moving service.

Unpacking After the Move

Unpack at your own speed, meaning you don’t need to unpack everything in one day. Just organize properly. For instance, separate a day for every room as long as you have time. This way, you’ll feel accomplished and a tad less disoriented. Do not make the mistake of leaving your unpacked stuff for months, like some users report. It will be much easier to live in a revised home.

Reduce Moving Stress

You must have heard that a positive mindset can go a long way. There is a couple of tips on how to boost productivity, go through the whole thing easier, and have a less-stressful move. Identifying the aspects, you like about your old home will help you sort out stuff in the new one. Remember what atmosphere soothes your mindset and needs the most. Lean on your family and friends not only for practical help. Emotional support provenly reduces stress, and don’t forget to talk with your loved ones about the move.

If you are taking the whole thing hard, book a date for a mini-reunion each month. Leave some time to say goodbye to your old home, yard, favorite spots, etc. It would be a good idea to make a farewell party and invite all of your friends, family, and colleagues.

Home party

6. New Beginning

Although every beginning is very hard since it is sometimes hard to adapt, approach your new home with a positive mindset and a healthy attitude. Think of the move as a new chapter full of fresh opportunities and avoid taking too much time to grieve. Your past only contributed to who you are today and is meant to stay in the past tense.

Summary of the 6 Most Stressful Stages of Moving

In general, moving is a very stressful process that will require a particular amount of time, money, and energy. Moving includes a couple of stages, including preparation, packing, personal day, moving day, and the day after. You can read about every single one in the aforementioned text and learn how to deal with the upcoming stress. Remember to keep a positive mindset and involve friends and family for practical and emotional support.

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