Moving from NYC to a smaller city

Moving from NYC to a smaller city

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Moving from NYC to a smaller city may be a shocking transition for some people

Living in a concrete jungle is an unaffordable affair for many people, no wonder why some of them consider moving from NYC at some point.  As amazing as it is, NYC lifestyle was portrayed in many movies and tv shows. As a result, people tend to gravitate toward the city that never sleeps in order to pursue their personal and career dreams.

NYC happens to be a popular destination for many millennials who have graduated from prestigious colleges and trying to pursue a blissful career. Young people are eager to experience the fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle.

But leaving the big city for a small town is not so typical decision for young people. As it turns out, those who cannot seem to keep up with the NYC chaotic lifestyle are usually looking to start over in a calm area. When bright lights, honking horns and overcrowded streets become too overwhelming, the decision to move to a more peaceful area should come as no surprise.

Getting around a big city may become too stressful at some point, which is why the idea of a small-town living seems so appealing to many people. Also, unaffordability is one of the major reasons why Big City lovers decide to move to smaller and more affordable cities. But, instead of grieving the undesirable change, try to focus on the aspects that actually make the small-town living so awesome. Like any other decision, this one also comes with certain pros and cons.

Contrary to popular belief, moving to a small city area may bring a lot to the table:

  • affordable housing options
  • quality public schools
  • lower crime rate
  • lower cost of living

If you are willing to trade the constant hustle and bustle for a quiet, family-friendly area make sure to weigh your options carefully before moving from NYC.

Benefits of moving from NYC to a smaller city

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Make the most of your time after moving from NYC to a calmer area

-You are likely to have more time for your hobbies, since you won’t be dissipating your time and energy on endless activities and possibilities that NYC has to offer. It will be easier for you to assess your goals and priorities and focus on what really matters to you. Also, given the limited entertainment and shopping options, you will be able to resist the urge to overspend. Also, shorter commutes leave you more free time to dedicate to your loved ones and favorite activities.

-Living in NYC can take a toll on your mental well-being. Transitioning to a smaller and calmer area may help you unwind and recharge without drifting your attention and dissipating your energy. A slower pace might be the change that you need at the moment.

-In spite of limited job opportunities you may be able to develop strong relationships within your industry field. As we all know, standing out in a crowd of major big-city competitors is anything but easy. Job scarcity is probably the major concern for people moving to a smaller town, but you don’t need to worry about that! Small cities offer a unique set of advantages and disadvantages for business ideas and projects. As it turns out, small cities often provide incentives for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

-Affordable housing and lower cost of living make moving to a smaller town a budget-friendly decision. You can get a spacious house for the price of a tiny NYC studio apartment. In addition to that, lower property taxes are also an important part of the small-town homeownership equation.

Why moving from NYC might not be the right choice for you?

The truth is that everything will be different from what you’re used to. As we all know, small towns have their charm, but let’s take a look at some cons of moving from a big city to a slow-pace area.

-Poor public transit might be one of the downsides of the small-town living. While you will certainly enjoy less traffic, you will need to accept the idea that you will have to drive a lot if you choose a countryside to be your new hometown.

-Lack of services may be rather frustrating. Since your shopping and entertainment options may be less diverse, you may need to drive to the nearest larger city when necessary.

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Research job options at your new destination before moving from NYC

-It’s highly advisable to research your employment options before you decide to move, so as to make sure you will be able to support yourself and your family financially.

-After moving from NYC some people might find the peaceful small-town lifestyle actually boring. You may also discover that you are just not cut out for a slower pace and that you miss exciting and dynamic big city life. So, unless you are forced to move to a smaller town, weigh all pros and cons carefully before making such decision.

-Warm and friendly relationship with neighbors may become overwhelming at some point. If you are a quiet and reserved person, you may not be comfortable with too intimate relationships with your neighbors.

– Lower crime rate and better school options are certainly appealing for many families, but the overall condition of facilities and school equipment may not meet their expectations.

What are your moving options?

Each household move involves a lot of hard work, stress and difficult decisions. Some of those tasks need your immediate attention, but others are better left to the professionals. Assuming that you’ve already had enough of the moving organization, trustworthy movers will take upon themselves the responsibility for the logistics of the move. Request several moving estimates from different moving companies so as to get a better idea of how much this adventure will cost you.

Affordable and quality movers may take away a great deal of moving stress, so do not hesitate to ask for their professional assistance. There’s no way around it – moving from NYC is challenging, but reliable movers can make it at least a bit more bearable.

Giving up your NYC fairy tale and moving to a less vibrant city can be either the best or the worst decision you’ve ever made depending on your personality and attitude.

Planning a move?

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