Important questions to ask a mover before hiring them

Important questions to ask a mover before hiring them

Making a decision to move is sometimes not so easy. There are probably a lot of things involved, and there are many aspects which influence the whole situation. However, if you have made this decision then it is time to turn to making plans. We won’t lie and tell you that there will not be a lot of things in the next period. On the other hand, things can go a lot easier if you opt for hiring professionals in this business. But then again, you are probably wondering about questions to ask a mover before hiring them. Those are also important. That is why we have decided to compile a list of some of the most important questions you should not forget to inform yourself about during a conversation with a moving company.

These are some of the questions to ask a mover before signing a contract with them

The point of these questions is to prepare yourself better. These questions will be especially useful for you if you are moving for the first time.  We will give our best to cover some of the most important issues. Of course, you can use these ideas as a guideline. Hopefully, you will get some ideas of your own, and get some information on, for example, how to avoid injuries when moving.

a list of questions to ask a mover
Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask your mover during the interview.

Ask them about their experience

This should be one of the first things to ask. As relocation is quite an intricate process which involves a lot of details, you need a reliable NYC moving company which will make this relocation simpler. On the other hand, being a mover for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a necessary knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is your job to inquire this matter carefully. We suggest you turn to movers for which you know have a good reputation. Ask some of your friends or family for a recommendation. Who knows, maybe the one they recommend you will be just perfect for your case.

Note: Don’t settle immediately for the first moving company you had a meeting with. Arrange a meeting with at least two more so that you could compare their offers.

See if they are specialized in a type of moving you require

If you have some items which demand careful handling, such as a pool table, piano, fragile, old furniture, hot tub, etc., then you should make sure if that moving company has movers trained for moving specialty items. Since you have decided for additional help, this help needs to be capable of handling the relocation of these types of items. Otherwise, there is no use of it, and it is wasted money. So do not worry, it is not a redundant question to ask whether they have ever had experience moving something like this.

antique furntiture
Old furniture requires careful handling.

Check their availability

If they have passed the first test regarding their reliability and experience, the next first thing to inform yourself about is whether they will be available for you during the days of your relocation. There is nothing more frustrating than when you make plans and they won’t be able to be realized because of other factors. Top moving companies are usually very busy and scheduled a lot in advance. So, if a particular company has gotten your attention, check with them if they will be able to provide their services at a time you need them.

If they are not available at that time, you have two options:

License check

One of the most important questions to ask a mover before hiring them is whether that have a valid license. Unfortunately, there are many rogue companies which only intent on taking your money without providing quality service. If a company possesses all the necessary documentation and licenses, you will be able to check that in several institutions such as the Better Business Bureau and the United States Department of Transportation. If you are moving to a different state then you should keep in mind that each differs in terms of regulations and documentation necessary in order to perform the moving.

Find out more about the payment system

The budget is something most people are concerned about no matter the occasion. True, moving can get pricey, but there are ways how to relocate on a tight budget. Now, if you have partnered up with a good moving company then your job is going to be a lot easier. They will assist you all the way. However, check with them about the methods of payment. Maybe they offer a differed payment which could be one of the conveniences for you. Then, find out about everything they would charge you for. Perhaps if you opt for using their moving supplies, they might charge you that. These are questions to ask a mover and something you should be very careful about.

Note: Once you collect all the information about additional fees, make sure to put all that in a contract. If by any chance, something else comes up as an additional fee, but only after you have relocated, then it is not your obligation to pay for it.

Do they provide any insurances

This step is particularly important and definitely one of the questions to ask a mover. Even though damages and lost cargo are something which happens once in a Blue Moon, it could still happen. So, for the sake of your peace of mind, we suggest you inquire the movers about this. You will find out what kind of moving insurance they offer and what additional insurance you can get. More often than not, those insurances are not enough to compensate for the damage.

the importance of having insurance
The question of insurance is one of the most important things to ask a moving company.

Other questions to ask a mover before you hire them could be

Of course, this is just a short list you can expand. Think also about the following questions:

  • What kind of packing supplies do they use?
  • Do they offer any other service such as packing and unpacking?
  • Is transportation a service they offer?
  • Can they help you find a storage facility?

As we said before, the list is not completed. However, these questions to ask a mover before hiring them should have given you a good insight of important issues to discuss during a meeting.

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