Ideas for keeping kids amused while moving

Ideas for keeping kids amused while moving

You don’t need to be an experienced mover to figure out that moving with kids is tough. Even if you are more of an enthusiast, sooner rather than later you may realize how difficult it can be. Aside from ensuring their safety, keeping kids amused while moving is a proven recipe for a successful move.

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Keeping kids amused while moving will allow you some time to tackle other moving tasks

It’s a fact that no one likes moving. Whether you are forced by circumstances or it’s for the best, going through different stages, ups and downs of the moving organization can be a strenuous experience. Add kids to the equation and you can count on an eventful and chaotic move. Unless you plan for some interesting activities that will keep your kids entertained all along, your relocation can be rather tiresome and overwhelming. No matter how organized you are as a parent, a household move may present you with a new set of challenges.

Relocating can put a strain on each family member. It may have a huge emotional impact on your kids as well, regardless of their age. Fortunately, we’ve come up with some insightful tips and ideas for keeping kids amused while moving and settling into a new home.

Hire a sitter

Hiring a sitter is the first thing that comes to mind when about to embark on a large family move. Having a reliable person look after your kids while you are going about other important logistical tasks may ensure your peace of mind. If you cannot afford to hire one, ask your close friends or neighbors to take care of your little ones for a while.

Also, make arrangements for your pets that should be far away from the moving day action. But, if you have no other option but to keep your kids around while packing and moving, make sure at least they are not interfering directly with your activities.

Children thrive on stability and security, so no wonder moving can make them so irritated and confused. They are likely to misbehave and seek their parents’ attention more than usual when faced with such a change. Even if they are not old enough to understand what is going on and why it is beneficial for them, their reaction to the upcoming move can be bad. Assuming that you can predict your kids’ actions and emotional reactions, you can manage them successfully with some timely planning in place.

If you are moving with your teenage children, chances are you can count on their help throughout the process. Luckily, you can discuss the matter and talk about their feelings, hopes and expectations.

Tips and tricks for keeping kids amused while moving house

First and foremost, maintain a positive attitude about the move. Remember that kids may easily pick up on your emotions. So, if you are anxious or negative about the move, there’s a good chance your kids will feel the same way.

Involve your kids as much as possible

Depending on your kids’ age and the time left until moving day, you may want to get your children involved in moving preparation. By maintaining open communication throughout the moving process you will be able to answer their questions and concerns and put their mind at ease. Also, by assigning them age-appropriate tasks and by letting them make their own plans and decisions, you may actually alleviate the stress level.

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Don’t leave your kids unsupervised on moving day

If you are moving locally, try to organize a visit to your new area, so that your kids get the chance to learn more about their new neighborhood.  That way they will be able to anticipate what their new life would look like and start looking forward to the change.

Remember that you can benefit a lot from getting professional packing services NYC. Not only will they ensure a quick and smooth experience, but also you could buy some time to spend it with your kids. They also need proper closure, so allow them to say goodbye to your family home. Give your kids the extra attention they need, in spite of the extensive workload you may have. Keeping kids amused while moving may require some multitasking and juggling, but it will help you go through the moving preparations smoothly.

Creative entertainment ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

watercolor set and crayons for keeping kids amused while moving
Let your kids get crafty with the moving leftovers and packing materials

With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, parents may turn a regular household move into a family-friendly event. Toddlers are very demanding and need reassurance that all their things are traveling with them. Label their boxes accurately, as they will feel more comfortable if you unpack their items first upon moving-in. Since they thrive on consistency and stability, make sure to set up their room first and decorate it to their liking.

In theory, preschoolers can have fun on their own, but still, want to stay close to their parents. Let them engage in some creative activities that don’t require your involvement.

Have them personalize and label moving boxes or sort their items into categories. Packing can be an amazing art project if you are open-minded and if you have enough time for it. Both toddlers and school kids seem to like bubble wrap and its magical effects, so let them get crafty with tons of packing materials.

Needless to say, if you are going with some of the most reputable Park Slope movers, there’s no doubt that your NYC move will go smoothly. And you will have enough time to tackle your kids’ needs along the way.

Furthermore, playing a movie is by far the easiest way of keeping kids amused while moving. You can also have a movie night in your car while on the road to a new home. Also, if you want to keep your kids safe while your movers are doing their job, you can let them play outside or spend some time on the playground with someone taking care of them all the time.

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