How to properly pack and move rugs

How to properly pack and move rugs

How to properly pack and move rugs

When preparing for your move, most items will just be packed in moving boxes, whereas you need to know how to pack larger items properly, such as knowing how to wrap a table for moving. But with a rug, there is a little more work to make sure it arrives in perfect condition. There are a few steps you need to conduct to ensure you properly protect and pack your rugs, which is more than just rolling it up and throwing it into the back of the moving truck.

The following is a list of suggested steps on how to pack and move your rug correctly.

Cleaning your rugs prior to packing

The last thing you want to do is bring things dirty into your new house. Before you roll up your rug, you need to clean it. You may want to have your rugs professionally cleaned before you move. This can be a deep clean or simply vacuuming is sufficient. Whether you are getting your rugs professionally cleaned or you are doing it yourself, you’ll know the items you’re bringing into your new home will be nice and clean. For oriental rugs, it’s recommended that you have them cleaned by a professional cleaner. This way, you will know that your rug is in its best condition before the move. After your rug has been cleaned, it’s advisable that you take pictures, so that you have record of their condition prior to moving.  In order to prevent damage from moths, rugs should be sprayed a fabric-safe moth spray.

Rolling up rugs

Once your rugs are nice and clean, it’s time to roll them up. When rolling rugs, you need to secure them with plastic ties, and place them in large, plastic wrap or bags. First, you’ll want to flip the rug over and roll it up. You’ll want the top side facing out. By doing this, you are avoiding the extra strain on the rug’s backing, which could later cause stretching or cracking. Your moving company can provide you with plastic wrapping that are large enough to cover your rugs. If in doubt, the moving company can tell you how to pack and wrap a rug for move and pack them for you.

Finely knotted rugs, goat hair or wool rugs, silk rugs and antique rugs must always be rolled (not folded) when moving and storing. If you don’t roll them, they may become creased or, worse, warped beyond repair. Oriental rugs should be rolled up so that they are tight enough to hold, but loose enough that there are no creases. Prior to rolling, you need to make sure that the rug is on a flat surface, with any creases smoothed out.

Most rugs should be rolled up on the surface side inwards, but really thick rugs may have to be rolled up on the opposite side to avoid strain on the weave foundation.  Start rolling at the end of the rug where weaving is –you can tell which end it is by the direction of the pile. Rugs should be rolled tightly and without too much tension. Once the rug is rolled up, it should be tied with strings, so that it doesn’t unravel, and it stays tight enough, but yet again loose enough to avoid creases. It’s recommend that you use string or twine to secure your rug. Some movers may use box tape to secure the rug. Although the tape will keep it secure, you will be left with a sticky mess. There are ways to get rid of the sticky residue but tying your rug up with string will save you time and be less of a hassle.

Wrapping your rugs

Once your rug is tied up, it should be wrapped in plastic or good quality kraft paper. This will help protect your rugs from dust, dirt, etc.

There are two methods you can take for wrapping your rug. You can use plastic wrap, which will keep out dirt, dust, and raindrops. The downside with using plastic wrap is that it will trap moisture in and mold and mildew can occur. There are specific plastic bags that are used to pack rugs. The bags have air vents which can let moisture out. Another option is using brown kraft paper. You can use tape with the Kraft paper because the stickiness won’t be on the rug.

Moving and storing rugs

When you’re finally ready to pack up all your possessions into the moving truck, make sure to lay your rolled up rug is packed flat down. You can stand it up straight if you’re out of room but you will be putting extra weight on the one rolled side. When you pack it flat, make sure that one end isn’t hanging down. This will cause bending and creasing of your rug. Also, make sure to not stack anything on top of the rug.

Oriental rugs should always be moved and stored flat so, if you have a lot of rugs, you may need a bigger truck.  Avoid “stacking” rugs as that can put enough pressure on the bottom rug to create permanent damage. Also, oriental rugs are sensitive to certain weathers, so it is preferable to move them outside of the summer months. That said, for relatively short duration of moving your rug, it should be safe for most moves. If you’re putting them in storage, rugs should be stored away in a well-ventilated unit that is clean and free of bugs. Storage temperature should stay between 40 degrees and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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