Moving VS Gym

Moving VS Gym

Can working as mover make one look handsome and attractive?


One of the most common real – life professions in New York demanding major physical effort is moving. Does this make movers popular among New York girls? To what extent do movers working in NYC moving company enjoy their popularity and their job?

By watching movies and soap operas we can’t help wondering who is better looking – guys who are doing physical work or those who are working out in the gym regularly?

Very first difference that we can think of is the fact that the first group is usually made of hard workers (movers, construction workers,…) who are doing that for a living, as a part of everyday job, and the second group is doing hard workout willingly in order to be muscular and attractive.

Under the influence of mass media, we perceive physical workers as handsome, seductive, in many cases six-pack guys. At least, that’s what we have found out after many years of watching tv series and movies.

If you are keen on exercising in the gym, you are to set aside a certain amount of money for a monthly membership fee. After that, you can sculpt your body in a way you want.

However, the advantage of being physical worker is that you don’t have to pay any monthly fee to improve your strength and to build your muscles. Moreover, it’s you who is getting monthly salary and remarkable body shape.

Unless you are Rocky Balboa, and you are accomplishing your duties as a physical worker during the day, and train your muscles afterwards. In that case the results are astonishing.However, let’s get to reality and see the outcome of a physical work done on daily basis.

One of the suitable jobs with a purpose of both making money and building muscles is certainly moving. Some of the physical jobs might be repetitive and tedious, so only few muscle groups are being trained. But, if you are a mover, it’s a completely different story. Not only are you improving your body shape, but you are also doing excellent conditioning work.

Given the nature of the mover’s job, everyone can make progress in terms of corpulence and muscularity.If you want your physique developed, try moving cumbersome piece of furniture or boxes to the third floor on your back.

By warming up before you start working and by stretching your muscles in the end, you will complete an eight-hour workout correctly.However, since this is not a case, there are often back or joint injuries because of the major effort.

Moving boxes upstairs and downstairs can make an intensive cardio training for weight loss. Biceps and triceps are working so hard all the time, that no one would imagine going to gym after work. Who needs overtraining?!
Of course, if you want your body shaped in a correct way, you mustn’t miss meals and you should drink water regularly.
Given the intensity of the moving, movers are sweating a lot and need to compensate that water and moisture their body.
Loading and unloading moving trucks might be good exercise for back and shoulders.
Although mover’s body is active all the time, the focus is on the upper body that will get perfect proportions after a certain period of time.
However, lower body is not completely disregarded, since the movers constantly go upstairs and downstairs carrying heavy items.

Workout sometimes can be gratis, although you’re working out according to instructions and orders. But, since there are a lot handsome movers in the world, maybe it’s worth trying?
Besides, you never know who might need your moving services. Would you be surprised if the person who hired you is actually the girl of your dreams?
If not, at least you might get a free sofa or some home appliances that could fit in your apartment and save some money in that way.

To sum up, there are some benefits of working out as a mover:

  • You don’t pay monthly fee (which is mandatory in the gym) and still you have the possibility to shape your body.
  • Moving is more dynamic since you don’t work out at the same place, so you never get bored.
  • Your biceps, triceps and back muscles will be perfectly sculpted and you will be stronger.
  • After work you don’t have to go to gym, since you have already practiced within the working hours. Instead, you have the possibility to spend leisure time with people you love.
  • Popular and modern gyms are often crowded. Being a mover, you don’t have that problem, since you can arrange your activity in agreement with a few colleagues.
  • As a mover you are of service to your clients, which makes you feel helpful. Satisfied customers might even become something more, don’t you think?

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