Moving to a new climate

Moving to a new climate


After you’ve decided to pursue your career and accept the job abroad, it is time to organize your move across the country. No matter how exciting moving to a new place is, you should be prepared for the climate change as well.

Moving to a warmer country

Moving to a warmer state comes with lots of advantages – engaging in various outdoor activities, spending days at the seaside or swimming, getting suntan, more fun for children, sense of well-being, good mood,…

If you are moving from a cold area to a warmer one, the air conditioning will be absolutely necessary. Actually, chances are that you will be using it more than you used to. In case you are moving during the summertime, make sure you have the air conditioning installed in advance. Dealing with the unfamiliar weather conditions can be pretty shocking, so do anything you can to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Follow weather forecast for the area you are moving to and prepare adequate clothes. Do not transport too many winter coats, boots or jackets – chances are that you don’t need to wear them at all. Why moving your ski equipment if you haven’t gone skiing recently and you are not planning it any time soon? Be realistic when it comes to assessing your real needs. As hard as it may seem for most of the women, they should give up on some clothes and move only those pieces of clothing that will be used at some point. Also, in some cases you should calculate whether shipping certain items is worthwhile. Sometimes replacing an item is cheaper than moving it across the state.

Since you are coming from a colder area, probably you are not used to insects and various types of bugs, which are typical for warmer states. Learn how to protect yourself against those annoying creatures.

High temperatures and direct sunlight may damage some of your household items, so make sure to pack and protect properly all heat sensitive items. Furthermore, if you are researching storage options for your items, consider renting climate controlled unit. Some professional moving companies provide temperature-controlled packing supplies and air transportation, which should be taken into account in similar situations.
Take care of your health and drink a lot of water in order to avoid dehydration.

Tips for moving to a colder area

– Get supplies of warm clothes – coats, wool sweaters and socks, gloves, hats, snow pants, scarves, boots,… In time you will realize that dressing in layers is the most suitable strategy.

– Engage yourself in as many outdoor activities as you can. Winter sports can be really exciting. Maybe you are cut out for snowshoeing, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing.

– Consult your veterinarian about your pet’s acclimatization process. Take your pets on short walks and try to keep them warm and dry.

– Get used to driving in icy rain and prepare your car for driving on slippery roads. Make safety your top priority and equip your car, so that you can drive safely in ice and snow. Get winter tires, snow chains and other necessary equipment that will make your car less accident-prone and keep you safe while driving. In case of severe storms maybe you will be forced to use public transportation to get to work.

– High heating bills are typical for cold areas. Since you are not accustomed to the extreme cold, your bills might be even higher in the very beginning. Eventually you will learn how to save on utility costs.

Any disruption of you daily routine causes stress and uncertainty. Embrace this huge change, help your family members adjust and make your new place feel like home as soon as possible.

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