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Are NYC movers expensive?

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Reliable NYC movers should be able to address all your moving related concerns

When moving house you will be faced with different, overwhelming decisions: whether to move by yourself or hire NYC movers, what to keep and what to get rid of, how to move your pets and what to do with valuable, bulky furniture etc.

Moving will pose a number of challenges and difficulties down the road and there’s no way around it. However, there is still something you can do in order to minimize negative effects of those (un)expected difficulties. According to many people, saying that moving is stressful is considered an understatement. But, have they actually given much thought to the move? Because, the truth is that an advance preparation may give you a leverage when it comes to avoiding unpleasant situations during the move.

Let’s clarify a few important aspects of the move before answering the initial question about the affordability of NYC movers. When making your final decision, bear in mind that there are multiple factors that may affect your moving costs. The good news is there is always something you can do to reduce those costs.

Distance matters when calculating NYC movers’ costs

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Moving distance will largely affect NYC movers’ charges

There is one universal truth about moving: the further away your new house is, the more you are going to pay for moving services. It comes as no surprise that moving to a new state will be considerably more expensive than moving within the same town.

For long-distance interstate moves quotes are usually based on the total weight of your moving load. This is why your movers should pay you a visit in order to provide an accurate in-home moving estimate. On the other hand, local movers usually charge by the hour. In the end, it all comes down to how much time it will take for the movers to load and unload items along with the travel fee (the time required to reach a delivery location). Also, you should know that hourly rates are not set in stone. They may vary depending on the area.

The amount of belongings

The size of the moving load will also determine the final relocation costs. It seems pretty obvious, but when the time comes to let go of unnecessary belongings, only then people realize that it’s easier said than done. Household clutter seems to be the worst enemy of an affordable move. The more items you move, the more money you will spend on packing and transportation services.

Whether you are downsizing or not, there must be some items that you haven’t been using for a while. By making a thorough inventory list of your belongings, you will be able to spot those items you can do without. Not to mention that you will save money on packing supplies.

In order to have a neat and tidy new beginning at your new place get rid of all unnecessary, old or easily replaceable items. Creating a clutter-free new home might require certain sacrifices, so be prepared to let go of everything that you won’t be using regularly.

Type of household items

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The nature of your items will determine the final price of the move

Although you hold dear most of your household items, you should know that certain objects require more attention while moving. As a result, professional NYC movers charge additionally for handling oversized, bulky or extremely delicate items. So, if moving a piano, you may want to request a quote from a moving company that specializes in it. Since your movers are going to need specialty equipment and tools, you will receive a specific quote for the piano moving service.

When moving large and tricky items, having professional, experienced and knowledgeable movers by your side is of paramount importance. Make safety your top priority when moving bulky items. Professional movers will take all precautionary measures to protect both your delicate items and your property. The pros know how to properly pack, secure, lift and load delicate household items.

By using appropriate packing materials and lifting techniques they will make sure your large items reach the new destination intact. And more importantly, you won’t have to waste time on any of those laborious relocation tasks.

Last but not least, your valuable items will be better off with the professionals for sure. Knowing that your goods are in good hands will put your mind at ease. Even if something goes wrong reputable movers will know how to handle any unexpected situation and difficulty. So, your movers are not just a logistical support during the move, but also someone you can rely on through the tough times.

NYC movers’ extra charges

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By anticipating potential moving fees you’ll be better prepared for the household relocation

As it turns out there are additional charges you should be aware of when calculating moving costs. While some moving companies have fair and accurate pricing, others are not so transparent when it comes to providing moving quotes. Here you may find the list of the most common additional services that may result in extra fees.

  • Long-carry fee – unless you’ve already arranged for a parking place right next to your entrance, chances are you will be charged additionally. Relying on free parking spots in NYC is just wrong, so make sure to make your reservations in advance so as to avoid paying extra.
  • Elevator fee – when it comes to reservations, there’s another one to make prior to moving day. Talk to the building manager to check if there are any restrictions regarding the elevator reservations.
  • Handling bulky items also comes with an additional charge.
  • Flight charge is usually applied when movers have to carry items up and down a flight of stairs.
  • Additional moving insurance is needed if your homeowners’ insurance doesn’t provide sufficient coverage.
  • Storage in transit is a convenient service that comes in handy if you need to store your items temporarily before reaching a new place.
  • Move cancellation charge is applied when customers need to cancel the move due to some unforeseen circumstances.
  • Express delivery fee is expected if you want to speed up the delivery process.