Moving to college in NYC

Moving to college in NYC


Leaving parents’ home is always difficult and young people get that chance usually when they become college students. Moving is always stressful, especially if you are moving far away from home. When you find out that you’ve been accepted at college you have always wanted, you will probably experience mix of emotions like excitement, happiness, fear and sadness. You are totally aware of a great opportunity you are given, but also afraid of the uncertain future.

Tips on preparing for a college move

– Make a list of things provided by the residence, so that you can decide what to move. There’s a huge difference between what you need and what you would like to take with you, so you should pack for the college move accordingly. Leave out items which can be purchased easily and which are available anywhere, so limit the amount of clothes you will move. More importantly, check if there are some essential pieces of furniture like bed, desk, closet,… Also, find out whether they are providing linens, bedding, curtains, pillows,…Maybe you will need to get permission to bring some additional pieces of furniture like shelves or chairs.

Most of the students’ rooms are small, which could be a problem, especially if shared with one or more roommates. Don’t count on removing already set furniture from the room, since it is not allowed in most of the cases. Also, check if your items fit in existing furniture arrangement. Take into consideration your roommate’s needs and try not to overcrowd the room.

– In case you are moving too many items, think of some creative ways to store them if there is not enough space in drawers, closets or under your bed. Storage cardboard boxes are both functional and decorative. Furthermore, plastic containers, baskets or file boxes are convenient for storing clothes, paper or shoes, just make sure that they fit under your bed.

– Are electronics allowed?

Check if it is allowed to bring some electronics or appliances. Don’t move similar items before getting the permission previously. Depending on the residence, you might be allowed to bring TV, but in some of them microwaves are not allowed due to a potential fire hazard.

– Find out everything about the services included in the residence fee and whether there are additional services you will be charged for extra.

– If you want to protect your goods and valuables, get proper insurance, because the residence personnel are not to be held responsible for any damage or possible loss of your things.

– Check with the residence whether it is possible to ship some items before you move. Container shipping is one of the moving options. You can keep the container as long as you need it before and after the move. Once you pack it, the NYC moving company will move it for you to the agreed location. A company renting moving containers will probably provide some kind of insurance, so your items will be covered in case of the damage or loss.

– Pack essentials box for the first few weeks after your arrival. The content of the box should be determined by your everyday needs.

– Deal with your emotions. Leaving family home is always difficult and painful. Your parents are supportive and proud of your success, but at the same time they are probably concerned, especially if you are leaving home for the first time. Moving to NYC will make your parents worry, because you will have to adapt both to a new school and a new city. Most of them are frightened of the big city’s lifestyle and possible threats. However, loving parents will always do anything they can and help with the move and make this transition easier for everyone. This move is causing huge change in your family’s life and your parents are probably the biggest supporters you will ever have.

– Once the moving day is over, the only thing left is to wait for the school year to begin and to explore and get to know New York City, since it has become your second home.

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