How to be a good tenant

How to be a good tenant


The characteristics of a good tenant may vary depending on a situation and involved actors.
Most landlords are very attentive while choosing the tenants who will occupy their property.
Some landlords are lucky to find suitable tenants that will take good care of the property, while others end up having a terrible experience with their tenants.

If you are about to rent an apartment, this is what you can expect when you meet your prospective landlord.

Find out more about some universal qualities of a good tenant that are highly appreciated by landlords.

How to spot a good tenant

Having following parameters in mind, landlords can interview the applicants and determine which of them have the desired qualities.

– Credit score check
Landlords will want to know whether their tenants have an acceptable credit rating. They will inquire about your monthly income and run a credit check. Preferably, your monthly income should be three times your monthly rent. Also, they may want to check it with your employer personally if you have sufficient resources to pay the rent and bills regularly. Whether you are paying your bills on time is a perfect indicator of your financial responsibility. Furthermore, if you are not employed, your prospective landlord will want to know what you do to survive. The purpose of all these questions is to ensure that you could make a reliable and trustworthy tenant after you sign a lease.
By signing a legally binding contract you are expected to hold up your end of the deal. If not paying your monthly rents regularly, you are at risk to get evicted, which can be very unpleasant and embarrassing for everyone involved.

– Criminal background check
In order to confirm that their property is safe with you, your prospective landlords may want to verify whether you have a criminal records. Since this task can be really complicated and time-consuming, landlords sometimes hire professionals to investigate this.

– Do you own a pet?
This is an essential question for those who don’t want to rent a place to the people with pets due to the following concerns: safety issues, damage, noise, allergy, hygiene,…

– Make a good first impression
Be right on time when meeting your prospective landlord. Proper appearance, politeness and decency can go a long way when trying to impress your future landlord. Always be honest with your potential landlord – don’t lie about your intentions, status, age, pet,… Try to connect with your landlord by finding common ground – discuss about the topic you are both interested in.

– Share your concerns and ask for clarifications
If you have any doubts and questions, address them before signing a lease. Landlords are expecting their prospective tenants to have lots of questions related to the property, rent, lease,… After all, you need to understand terms of the lease and what is expected of you.

– Know exactly what you want and need and be ready to negotiate.

– Once you move in, keep your apartment clean and well-organized.
Your landlord will appreciate your tidiness and efficiency.

– If you are willing to introduce some changes (paint the walls, hang pictures,…) you should ask for your landlord’s permission.

– A good tenant is always aware of his/her surroundings.
If you are sharing your living space with other roommates, you need to show regard for their needs and feelings. Since you are now part of a community, you need to refrain from unacceptable behavior like playing guitar late at night or having parties while other people are trying to get some sleep,…

Remember that not each individual acts just like you and you are going to meet so many different types of people.

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