Adjusting to a new city

Adjusting to a new city

A household move is considered one of the most important life events with long-term effects. It’s totally understandable that you are apprehensive about what your life in the new city will look like. Leaving friendly and familiar surroundings is always difficult and fear of the unknown is just one of the effects of your big decision. Every kind of daily routine disruption may cause discomfort and uneasiness, and each individual needs to find his/her own way to cope with it. Moving to a new city is a huge change that will affect your lifestyle in so many different ways.

People react differently to moving to a new city – some of them are thrilled about the idea of a clean slate while others are prone to depression and denial. Moving to a new city is usually accompanied by a series of stressful situations. Since some of the moving effects can be anticipated, make sure you are familiar with some of the possible scenarios and ready to deal with them.

What to expect when moving to a new city?

– Calculate current monthly expenses and try to figure out whether your regular income and savings will match the standard of living in a new city. If you are relocating for a job and you have already arranged one, you can count on a financial stability. Otherwise, you should have a back-up plan for earning some extra money or have enough savings that will cover at least a couple of months in a new city. Moving to a new city without having arranged for a job can be quite challenging. If you are for some reason forced to do so, inspect local job market as soon as possible and start your job hunting.

– When searching for the neighborhood that might suit you, make sure to take following considerations into account:

– low crime rate;

– wide range of public and private schools;

– reasonable real estate costs/affordable apartment rental;

– quality medical and child care;

– pet friendly environment;

– proximity to some of the most important institutions and venues (office, school, bus station, park,…).

– Knowing that you will be far away from your old friends can be very difficult. Although you will keep in touch, you should get acquainted with your neighborhood and try to make new friends. Reach out to your neighbors and introduce yourself properly. You may be surprised how many like-minded people you may meet if you are open to it.

– Maintain a positive attitude. Moving to a new city is a fresh start that provides a lot of new possibilities – new surroundings, new job, school, friends, different lifestyle and quality of life.

– Master the skill of networking in order to improve your social life and business possibilities. Depending on your interests you can join local clubs and organizations where you can meet people who have similar tastes or opinions. Also, you can get involved with a community service and other local associations. Volunteering can be very productive in terms of developing new friendships and making a good first impression on your new neighbors.

How does moving to a new city affect children?

Children are involved in the move and therefore, directly affected by its consequences. It’s parents’ responsibility to make moving easier on their children. How they will react to the upcoming move depends on their age, character and personality. Parents should anticipate changes in their children’s behavior and be prepared to understand and handle certain reactions. Depending on their age, children might or might not be able to realize what’s really happening around them.

Whether your kid is still a toddler or adolescent, inform him/her about the upcoming move in advance. Talk with your children honestly, let them know how their life will change due to the move, but make sure to point out all positive aspects. Give your children enough time to accept the idea and process the news and let them make plans and moving-related arrangements. Involving them in some important decisions and actions will speed up the process of adjustment. Also, you should encourage them to make friends on their own and improve their social skills.

Planning a move?

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