Movers Upper East Side

Dumbo Moving in Upper East Side?

The Upper East Side of Manhattan has an upscale feel as you look down on the city yet
there is plenty of affordable housing in the neighborhood. Many students live in the area due to the proximity to Hunter College and Columbia University. It is a very clean place to live and there are many things to do close to home.

Why people are moving to the Upper East Side in New York City

It is a very quiet part of Manhattan aside from 2nd avenue. There are great things to see at the Metropolitan Museum of Art nad at the Whitney Museum. Great talks at the 92nd street Y and great sandwiches at Lenny’s.

Moving services in and around the UES

Many buildings in the UES are elevatorless and even if they do have an elevator it might be one of the smallest functioning in existance. This makes it incredibly convienant to hire Dumbo Moving & Storage.