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movers-red-hookRed Hook has one of the best views of the Statue of Liberty in all of Brooklyn. The statue means many different things to people, and is rooted in our character as a company. We are glad to see the rebuilding efforts progress this fast after the storm hit Red Hook and hope to see everyone up and running in the near future.

Red Hook is one of the Brooklyn’s neighborhoods. There is one curiosity about Red Hook- it is situated in the area called South Brooklyn, which is actually in western Brooklyn.

Why move to Red Hook?

Red hook is very attractive place for living because of the amazing view of the Statue of Liberty. In fact, Red Hook is the only part of the New York with such view, which is why Dumbo moving and Storage movers are so busy within this area. There are a few parks in Red Hook. A public park, situated in southern Red Hook is maintained by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Louis Valentino Jr Park & Pier – a park which offers a great view of the Statue of Liberty. Also, Red Hook park is home to many vendors of regional Latin cuisine.

There is also a possibility to relax after a tough day at work or at school at the Red Hook pool.
As for the public transportation, there are subway and bus services. The connection between Red Hook and Manhattan is vehicular Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. Also, there is The Gowanus Expressway running through the neighborhood. Also, Red Hook is very close to the Columbia street waterfront, which has a bike path to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Red Hook has nice shops. One of the most famous is Ikea on 346000 square feet. This store replaced a 19th century dry doc, and many people expressed their dissatisfaction because of the destruction of the historically important monument.
There are a lot of bars, which are full during the weekends, but not overcrowded like everywhere in Brooklyn. More than friendly and welcoming environment makes you feel comfortable even if you have moved recently. Red Hook is somehow isolated from the rest of Brooklyn and can be really quiet at night.

Dumbo Moving and Storage has a lot of moving experience within Red Hook and, according to our customer’s experience, it is, certainly very charming and attractive neighborhood. A lot of movies and TV shows were filmed in Red Hook or, at least talk about it: Quick change, Last exit to Brooklyn, Straight out of Brooklyn, The adjustment bureau, The real world, Red Hook summer, On the Waterfront, Cop land, Hitch and many more.
Red Hook is a place where you can have a good meal, so here is a list of the best local restaurants, known for an excellent service and delicious food: Flatiron Steakhouse, Red Hook lobster pound, The good fork, Brooklyn crab. If you are fond of Italian, Japanese or Chinese cuisine, there are Salvatore’s italian restaurant, Golden Wok, Tello’s green farms, Hana sushi,…
Although there are international brands like Ikea and Fairway, Red Hook still has some artisanal, local businesses such as Sixpoint brewery, which was founded in 2004. Red Hook is a home to beekeepers, musicians, gardeners as well. Many private businesses were stopped by Hurricane Sandy, but most of them have been renovated.

When it comes to moving to Red Hook, Dumbo movers are very busy. Given all the advantages, people are likely to choose this neighborhood for living.
So, if you opt for this area to move to, bare in mind that Dumbo local movers provide professional moving services and they can help you any time you want. Our movers take very good care of customers’ possessions and perform the move promptly and efficiently. At very reasonable cost you can get best quality moving services.