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 Dumbo Moving in Red Hook

red-hookDumbo Moving gets all of our trucks printed in Red Hook at Carisma printing. We know the neighborhood well and our glad its thriving. Red Hook is a wide open neighborhood with commercial buildings and apartments stitched within.

Why people are moving to Red Hook Brooklyn

If you live in Brooklyn and drive there is a good chance you might shop at Fairway Grocery in Red Hook. Its a good store. You might remember the streets and sights from any of the hundreds of television shows and movies that were filmed there. Popular places to eat include The Red Hook Lobster Pound for fresh lobster rolls, the Good Fork for great meals brunch through dinner and Fort Defiance where the food and cocktails are top notch.

Moving services in Red Hook

Red Hook has one of the best views of the Statue of Liberty in all of Brooklyn. The statue means many different things to people, and is rooted in our character as a company. We are glad to see the rebuilding efforts progress this fast after the storm hit Red Hook and hope to see everyone up and running in the near future.