Movers Park Slope

Dumbo Moving in Park Slope?

Many of the employees of Dumbo Moving live in Park Slope. We know all the buildings and we have been performing moves in the neighborhood since day one.

Why people are moving to Park Slope

It is a pretty and quiet place to live with many parks and schools nearby for families.   Plenty of great dining options like Applewood, Palo Santo and .the Stone Park Cafe. for great food brunch through dinner.  You can grab great pizza in Park Slope from Gino’s on Washington Ave, or at Franny’s and Fornino.


Moving services in Park Slope

Buildings in Park Slope often have cramped service elevators and require moving items up flights of stairs instead.  At Dumbo Moving there is no additional stair charge on the day of your move if we are unable to fit a sofa or bed in the elevators provided.