Dumbo Brooklyn

Dumbo brooklynHere at Dumbo Moving & Storage we thought we should some information about our namesake neighborhood Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Dumbo is short for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It is home to Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, Grimaldi’s pizzeria, famous art gallery St. Ann’s Warehouse, and many more bars, and restaurants. It is home to plenty of big events such as the Dumbo Arts Festival and the New York Festival of Lights. It is perhaps best known for its spectacular view of Manhattan. On a clear day you wouldn’t have trouble seeing the Statue of Liberty (which is dwarfed by Manhattan’s buildings). Dumbo, Brooklyn is an amazing place to live and work, it is energizing to be so close to the Manhattan Bridge.

Real Estate in Dumbo Brooklyn

brookly dumbo Dumbo is known for its highly sort after real estate. A lot of huge warehouses are prewar and many have a view of the water. With the massive parks opening up all around the area (some of them which are converted piers which sit in the water) it is a great place to raise kids also (There is even a carousel hidden away too behind some old buildings). The area is just simply stunning and full of wonderful surprises; some of the bustling neighborhood streets are even still filled with brick (some roads even still have trolley tracks).

Dumbo’s giant prewar waterfront warehouses have made it a haven for internet and tech startup companies. Many young professionals have been buying up properties in Dumbo, just this year seven new buildings are opening up and plenty are under construction.

Like its cousin across the river, Greenwich Village has gone through a second wind. They were both primarily known for low income housing, and its young artistic community. Now both are also known for its trendy businesses, luxury real estate, and its young professional community. It seems that Dumbo finally realized how much its property is really worth.

Manhattan is expanding circularly outward. Businesses are starting up all along the edges of the outer boroughs. Houses are being remodeled and buildings are going up in the same direction to meet the demand. Dumbo, Brooklyn is fifteen minutes from the City or thirty minutes if you walk over Brooklyn Bridge. It was destined to be more than just an art hub.

Creative Center of Brooklyn

As mentioned before Dumbo, Brooklyn is home to many wonderful artistic events. Which makes sense, given its proximity to the water; it is pretty easy to get inspired here. All year-round, Front Street in Dumbo is flooded with mini events in their galleries. The above mentioned, St. Ann Warehouse’s is always bustling with creative works and energy too.

Over the past fifteen years, Indie book stores have sprung up around the galleries. Soda shops, bars filled with craft beers, eclectic restaurants, chocolaterias, and other artisanal shops have been established as well.

Dumbo, Brooklyn is the place to be if you have any interest in arts, crafts, food, and reinvention. Which makes Dumbo one of the frontrunner neighborhoods in the current Brooklyn renaissance. Waves of people are moving to Brooklyn because it is cheaper, quieter, and spacious. New Brooklynites aren’t missing anything by leaving Manhattan behind. Many Manhattan transplants are finding as much culture and diversity in Brooklyn as in the City (As well as Queens and Bronx also) without all the congestion, traffic and pollution. And if you miss the borough its only a breathe away anyhow.

Dumbo Moving is The Choice Moving Company of Dumbo, Brooklyn

nyc dumboDumbo Moving was established in Dumbo, Brooklyn nine years ago. We are proud to take our name from the community. We were inspired that Dumbo was the first neighborhood that people see when they enter Brooklyn from Manhattan. Dumbo Moving appreciated the bond the neighborhood had with the city while still being in Kings County. We feel we are growing up with the neighborhood, and we are always glad to welcome newcomers to Dumbo.

If you are moving to Dumbo, don’t hesitate to use our award winning moving service. Dumbo Moving and Storage is one of the one largest moving companies in New York (we have over fifty fleets of moving trucks), and one of the most affordable. Dumbo Moving brings priority to the moving needs of both the tenants and the building management. We have plenty of different insurances available for whatever particular moving need or concern you may have.

Moving does not have to be difficult. Here at Dumbo Moving and Storage we provide guaranteed prices just to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. When you move to Dumbo you will fall in love with the area just as we have, Dumbo Moving will be waiting for your call when you decide you want to move here.