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Tips for setting up your new kitchen

Once you reach your new residence, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that half the moving journey is over. After you’ve spent months meticulously planning your move, you can finally settle into a new home and arrange it to your taste. Hopefully, you have already established a new layout, so setting up your new kitchen and other areas wouldn’t be a problem.

a man drawing a floor plan before setting up your new kitchen

Make a detailed floor plan before you start setting up your new kitchen

How you will go about unpacking depends on your priorities and personal needs. If you are moving with a large family, chances are you will want to have a nice meal after a tiresome day of hard work and heavy lifting. Although some people consider the kitchen as the trickiest place to pack up and move, the truth is that you will feel hungry or thirsty soon after you move in. That being said, the kitchen should be the first area to tackle when unpacking.

Those who want to have a family meal using proper dishes, silverware, and glassware and also turn their new place into a sweet and comfortable home as soon as possible, will most definitely decide to set up the kitchen first. Furthermore, if you reach your home early in the morning, setting up your new kitchen would be the most logical thing to do.

No matter how much you want it, you won’t be able to unpack everything in one day. So, make sure to tackle the basics without delays since it’s only normal that you want easy access to your essentials.

Resuming your routine as soon as possible and sticking to your alimentary habits is crucial to your adjustment process.

Making arrangements for your new kitchen

You’ve done a great job planning and coordinating the logistics of the move. It’s been a time-consuming and overly exhausting experience, but you’ve finally made it. Thankfully, by the time you are ready to unpack, you will know that your move is coming to an end.

Since you won’t feel comfortable being surrounded by a pile of unpacked moving boxes NYC, chances are you will start unpacking immediately after you move into a new home.

Due to the amount of tiny and fragile items and heavy appliances, unpacking and setting up your new kitchen can be a tedious process. It goes without saying that an orderly kitchen project can be accomplished with a proper strategy in place. Take the following suggestions into account when struggling with this tricky task.

Free yourself from excess stuff

Hopefully, you will have to deal with fewer items than you had in your old home. Assuming that you’ve already got rid of everything you no longer use or need, unpacking and setting up your new kitchen will be much smoother. But, even if you failed to do so in advance, it’s never too late to free yourself from unnecessary objects that don’t suit your lifestyle or new kitchen layout. However, instead of just throwing away or donating unnecessary items, consider keeping them in a storage NYC until you need them again. An endless supply of clutter may easily sneak its way into your new home eating up valuable inches of your home. So, be ruthless when decluttering as it will help you create a healthy and balanced living space.

Clean all kitchen items and surfaces carefully

person using a mop in the kitchen

Clean the entire kitchen inside and out before you start unpacking

Assuming that you’ve already performed a thorough clean-up of the entire property before the move-in, you can just wipe down all shelves, countertops, and cabinets. Hopefully, you’ve managed to scrub the oven and other appliances in advance.

Arrange your items strategically when setting up your new kitchen

Consider mapping out the entire area in order to make the most of its workability and to figure out where everything will go. If you are lucky enough to have a spacious kitchen, you won’t need any advance arrangement. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to shift items around down the road.

The truth is that this fresh start will give you the possibility to completely change your culinary habits and lifestyle. A properly arranged kitchen can motivate you to improve your cooking skills and interests. The rule of thumb – items you use most often should be easy to reach. Items that are saved for a special occasion should be stored on higher shelves.

How to organize your kitchen supplies

a large kitchen

Keep items you use on a daily basis handy

The placement of your dishes is crucial when setting up your new kitchen. However, keep in mind that the old saying Out of sight, out of mind makes sense when packing up your cupboards and pantry. Having a pantry is a huge plus, but there are also some creative ways to make the most out of each corner of your kitchen. Start thinking vertically when trying to figure out additional storage potential of your kitchen. Here are some of the most insightful tips about how to keep the heart of the house clean and tidy.

  • Arrange your kitchen supplies by frequency of use.
  • Group your baking supplies together. Store flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and bowls near the baking area.
  • Use hanging racks and drawers below the cooktop to store pots and pans.
  • Designate a cooking area with the necessary supplies stored around.
  • Make the most of drawer dividers and lid organizers.
  • Cabinets next to the oven are designated for cooking utensils.
  • Color-code and label your plastic and other see-through containers.
  • Display your china and antique glassware in the glass-front cabinets.
  • Keep all your drawers and cabinets labeled until you become familiar with the new kitchen layout.
  • Keep all cleaning supplies together and out of your kids’ reach.

When facing a household move, you should also plan what to do with food on moving day. Making a proper food plan and eating healthy is important when going through the moving stress. Setting up your new kitchen will help you stay on track with your alimentary habits and routines.