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Privacy Policy

Dumbo Moving Privacy Policy

Dumbo Moving strives to be the most trustworthy moving company in NYC, which means maintaining your trust even before the move takes place.

What Will Dumbo Moving Use My Information For? We use you private information on our moving quote form to reach you after the quote has been compiled. This information is shared with a 3rd party that manages all of our moves and moving data. This information is shared only with us and is used in the hopes of contacting you with the affordable flat rate quote that was desired.

Your information in regards to contact, location, and move details is only submitted to receive a quote from us, and that is the way it will remain. At this time we are not collecting web site quote submissions on any database residing at our website. Again this info is stored with a third party with much better security practices then implemented on our own website.

What other sites are linked out from Dumbo Moving. We have links to other review sites and social sites and if you choose to visit those sites, it might be beneficial to take a look at their privacy policies as they do not reflect ours.

Cookies and Analysis at Dumbo Moving we commit time into delivering a fast and easy way of reaching us and obtaining a moving quote. We do analyse our users behavior in an attempt to improve this process. We want everyone that reaches our website to receive a quote and we analyse site behavior to make sure that most of the time the intended goal is reached. As far as your browsing history is concerned, we really don’t care and it this point no user is being retargeted on a website that is not Dumbo Moving’s domain. All analysis is done in-house and is never shared with any other companies.

Will I be contacted for Marketing Purposes. No, but if you are a customer of ours we do contact you after the move has been completed with a short survey so we can analyse how our moves are completed. This survey can be anonymous as we are only concerned with customer satisfaction.