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How to pack and move a computer

how-to-move-computerOne of the items that need special attention when moving is a computer. Nowadays computers seem to be an inseparable part of out lives and safe transport is a priority for everyone who is moving house. People are usually concerned about how their favorite device will survive the relocation process, but the truth is that there is nothing to be afraid of if following guidelines are taken into consideration.

Tips for moving a computer

– Purchase proper insurance for your computer.
If your moving insurance won’t suffice, purchase additional one so as to ensure complete coverage for your computer in case of any damage.

– Make a back up of all important files and programs before packing the computer. Use external hard drives, flash drives or DVDs to copy and save all important information just in case.

– Find suitable box for the computer.
The ideal would be to pack your device in its original box. The manufacturer’s packaging will provide the best protection for your computer during the move. Alternatively, you can contact your moving company or moving supplies store to buy a specialty box for all types of electronics.

– Clean and disconnect all the parts.
Shut down the computer, disconnect it from the power source and unplug the cables. If plugging or unplugging your computer seems too confusing, label each part, each cable before dismantling it so that you can reassemble it easily when you reach your new home. Alternatively, note down every step if you haven’t saved a manufacturer’s manual or take a few photos of how the computer should be connected.

– Remove flash drives, disks or any other plugged device.

– Pack cables separately to avoid damage. Fold them so as to prevent tangling. Keep them in a plastic bag with the computer.

– Monitor is very fragile so use a lot packing material like bubble wrap and packing paper. Pack it separately from other items and keep it in upright position. Fill the empty space inside the box with cushioning material. Even one scratch may cause a serious damage to the monitor, so make sure to protect it against shocking.

– Computer tower should be packed upright and wrapped with a lot of bubble wrap.

– Small parts like camera, mouse or keyboard should be packed in their original boxes if possible. In case you haven’t saved them, use a lot of wrapping material to protect them.

– First pack heavier items.

– Once the boxes are closed and ready for transport, label them properly so that your movers or helpers know if some of them need special handling.

– If you are moving a laptop the same safety precautions should be applied – proper moving box, cushioning material, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape will ensure the safe transport. Since the laptop is smaller than desktop computer it is recommended to take it with you and move it personally. If you are moving long-distance you may want to stay in touch with your friends and family while on the road and keep them informed about how the moving goes. According to the professionals, laptop is one of the valuables that should be moved personally by its owner.

Whether you are moving on your own or hiring movers make sure all moving boxes are properly labeled. This simple step will help you arrange the moving boxes and unpack once you reach your new home. Use photos and notes to reassemble your computer so that you can go online at your new home as soon as possible.