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Moving tips – Video

How to prepare for a move

Booked a move with us? Great! Not sure what to do before your moving day? Just watch this quick video letting you know everything you have to do before your move.

How to setup and pack a book box

How to Setup and Pack a Book Box- Doing some of your own packing? Watch this video to learn how to pack a Book Box. A Book Box is a small box designed to carry heavy stuff.

How to pack a moving box before a move

Watch this video and learn how to pack a regular sized moving box. Remember if you don’t like to pack your own boxes, we can pack your moving boxes for you.

How to pack and wrap a rug to move

Wrapping a rug could be tricky. Watch this short video to find out how. And remember if you don’t want to pack your own stuff, we will do it for you.

Dumbo Moving & Storage

Check out our animated promo. Please comment on the video and let us know how you like it.

How to pack + wrap a table

Tables are the trickiest things to wrap in a move. Watch this video to learn how to wrap and prepare a table for a move from a professional.

How to load a moving truck

This is how Dumbo Moving & Storage packs a moving truck. If you are a moving company just starting out or you rented your own truck for your move, this video is essential viewing.

How to wrap a sofa while dog is in your way

Sofas are most likely the biggest item you own that needs to be wrapped. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, check out this video.

How to pack a tv box before moving or shipping

HD TVs are fragile and need to wrapped before being moved. Please watch this video if you are packing a television for your move or shipping.