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If you thought that moving into the Financial District in NYC would be a bad idea, you might want to think again. After all, if you are aware of how many people work here, you should have an idea of how cozy it is to not have to take a ride home after a long day of work. And surely you would agree that working in this area means hard work often even after regular working hours. This leads us to the question of what Financial District movers you should choose to perform your move. You should go with a reliable Manhattan moving company with a proven track record of successfully completed moves. Therefore, contact us today and find out why Dumbo Moving and Storage are the Financial District movers that you should be doing business with.

As a prominent NYC area, the Financial District has been luring successful businessmen and entrepreneurs for decades. All those in pursuit of a better life and more versatile business opportunities should consider making FiDi their new home. If you are contemplating hiring Financial District movers, you need a company that will respect you, and a team that abides by the same qualities you do when it comes to your work ethic. You need someone with integrity, zest, and desire to prove their worth and relocate your residence or business in a cost-effective way. Which is when Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC enters the scene.


Even though we may have humble beginnings, our present is more than magnificent. Today, the residents of the Big Apple know that, should they need top-notch moving services, all they have to do is get in touch with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not our awards and accolades that have made us into NYC’s favorite movers. They certainly helped the matter; but, it was our tender approach and high-quality service that earned us a top spot in the industry. Presently, we serve various areas throughout NYC, and we leave no corner uncovered. By hiring us, you get to finally be at ease, as you know that your relocation is in the safest hands possible.

Image of Manhattan from the air
Manhattan is an amazing place to move to

Moving to FiDi with the top Financial District movers Manhattan

Given the fact that you will be moving to a part of the city that is constantly congested during the working hours, you need to hire reliable Financial District movers that are going to know how to manage your moving process from the start to the very end. The best option, in this case, is to hire a local moving company Manhattan that knows the city to the bone. Dumbo Moving and Storage is one such moving company. We have been in the business long enough to be able to obtain the knowledge needed to make sure that your move gets done as smoothly as possible. In particular, we can help you with the following aspects of your move and your dedicated Financial District movers:

  • Pre-move planning
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage service
  • Moving material
Financial District is not one of the most popular places to live in NY but is one of the calmest in the evening


Planning your move is one of the most important steps in the process. Given the fact that moving takes time and energy, it is important to have someone by your side to guide you through the process. This is one of the services that Financial District movers Dumbo Moving and Storage can do for you. Our trustworthy moving company has been in the business since 2007. Numerous people came to us in need and asked for help with their relocation. We have done our best and left them satisfied in their new homes.

However, our customers have provided us with a lot more than they suspected. They have given us valuable insight into how ordinary people regard relocations. All of them have played an enormous part in making Dumbo Moving and Storage one of the best Financial District movers that we are today. Thanks to the clients that have worked with us in the past, you will have an opportunity to receive an exquisite moving service from us.

Therefore, before you start moving, contact us. We will be able to give you a piece of advice that could possibly change your thinking on this subject. Let us help you widen the views of the move.


One of the basic moving services that Financial District movers like Dumbo Moving and Storage provide is the service of packing and unpacking. No matter whether you are moving to Hoboken or to the Upper East Side, you will need to protect your items. There is only one way to do this and be sure that your items will be safe while moving. You will need to hire a professional moving company to do this for you. Financial District movers are the ones that you should turn to.

Here at Dumbo Moving, we have moving material in large quantities. On top of that, our moving crews are highly trained for using it the right way. We are going to pack your items in such a good way that there will be no possibilities of anything happening to them during the move. Not only will we pack them, but we can help you unpack upon arrival as well. While this may not seem like a very important aspect of the move, it is. Just imagine arriving in your new home in late afternoon and having to unpack. This is exactly when the unpacking service is going to come in very handy.

A Family Is Packing For A Move
Our movers in Financial Disctrict are more than glad to help you pack all of your belongings
Financial district movers like Dumbo Moving and Storage can provide you with storage space
Storage units at your disposal in NY


Another valuable option that the Financial District movers can provide with you is storage units.

Do you feel like you have too many belongings and not enough space for them? If your answer is yes, then you should maybe think about renting a storage unit. You may decide to rent it for the duration of the move. Alternatively, you could rent them for an extended period of time. Here at Dumbo Moving and Storage, we can offer you differently sized storage units at very affordable prices. Our storage units are all equipped with climate control and surveillance system. They are one of the safest storage units NY has to offer. Ultimately, they are easily accessible. Therefore, do not hesitate if you need to save space. Call us today and let’s provide you more space for your family!


In the case that you have decided to move by yourself entirely, let us help you protect your items. Dumbo Moving and Storage is a moving company that can provide you with unlimited amounts of protective moving material. Bubble wrap, moving boxes Manhattan and other packing materials is something that does not cost very much at Financial District movers like Dumbo Moving and Storage. However, they do play an important role in relocating successfully. Therefore, do not waste your time. Contact us today, let us know what you need and come pick up your packing material.


To know all the ways we can assist you may not be enough for you to decide that we are worthy of your trust. Your relocation is not a mere financial transaction. It is your life and the life of your family that is at stake. To realize that our movers Financial District are the right choice for you, what you need is to think of us as people first and foremost. It’s due to our highly trained individuals that our customers keep returning to us time and time again. Whether voicing their opinion by leaving a moving review or hiring us for their next relocation, our faithful customers always have us on their mind.

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We put customer satisfaction above all else.

With us, expedient service is a guarantee

Since relocation to FiDi is almost synonymous with an office move, it is natural to assume that you will be moving your business. If that is the case, you can rely on us, as it will be our job to have your business up and running in no time. We fully understand that every day you spend on relocation is a day more where your business will suffer. Upon choosing Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC and our team of FiDi movers, you don’t have to worry about losing your source of income. A corporate relocation in NYC is something where we shine, and it is a field in which we have perfected our skills. We promise to cause minimal disruptions and downtime for your business, and we vouch to have both your residence and your business safely relocated in the shortest amount of time.

Your satisfaction is what matters most to our Financial District movers

All of the moving teams at Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC have one thing in common – we care about your needs. When relocating to Financial District with us, you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of. Not only will that not happen because we are fully licensed and insured, but also because we genuinely put your needs ahead of our own. Our care for you is reflected in many aspects.

From making sure we are open to any questions at all times to swiftly arriving at your home with a smile, our FiDi movers will instill trust in you. Feel comfortable leaving your items into our capable hands. After all, our team is composed of trained individuals who have years of experience in the relocation industry. Those years will allow us to carry out your relocation without any major setbacks, and make sure that any chance of damage is minimized.

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It’s through our professionalism and approachability that you will realize we were the right movers for you all this time.

Our competitive prices will be another reason for hiring our FiDi movers

Even though we are a well-established and reputable moving company in NYC, we don’t let it reflect on our prices. We understand that New York is not a cheap city, and that relocation will add an additional strain on your already tight budget. By hiring us, you won’t have to go into unnecessary debt. Our team is accompanied by affordable prices, which will make it easier for you to financially survive the days that are ahead. Make no mistake – our prices are not those of cheap movers. But, they are competitive and reasonable when compared to other moving companies of our caliber.

To get an efficient service, you do have to pay a considerable sum of money. The difference is that our team will not let you overpay. Instead, we will offer you the best quality to affordability ratio you could imagine – all in the attempt to leave you happy at the end of the day.


There are a lot of reasons why people decide to move to the Financial district. Moving to the Financial District certainly may bring excitement to your life. First of all, there are a lot of historical sights, buildings revealing both old and new architectural details, Police Museum, the Museum of American Finance.

According to Dumbo Moving and Storage’s records, people usually move to the Financial District because of work. It is a very nice place to live, especially so if your office is nearby. If you are moving to the Financial District, you will realize that most of the housing options regard new buildings and cozy, luxury apartments. In the case that you are looking for a peaceful and quiet destination to move to, FiDi is perhaps the perfect solution for you

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Our FiDi movers will provide you with a quick, quality, and cost-effective relocation.
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Moving to the Financial District is a good idea if you work close by


The Financial District is a neighborhood situated at the southern tip of Manhattan, NYC. The name of the area is connected to the fact that this is where offices and headquarters of numerous financial institutions like New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York Mercantile Exchange, NASDAQ, and the New York Board of Trade can be found.

This area is very attractive to tourists. Therefore, you should expect congestion in the streets on a daily basis. The main points of interest are Battery Park, National September 11 Memorial museum, Observatory at One World Trade Center, and the Trinity Church. The Financial District is pretty lively during the day. Being mostly commercial and business area, the Financial district is not known for amazing nightlife.

Today, One World Trade Center is considered one of the tallest buildings in the area. NYC is known to be leading, the most powerful financial center in the world. The corner of two streets – Wall Street and Broad street is considered the center of the neighborhood.

The streets are pretty crowded during business hours, but the nights are surprisingly quiet. Restaurants and stores are open until late hours. Some of the famous restaurants are:

  • Nobu,
  • The Dead Rabbit,
  • Kaya NYC,
  • Luke’s lobster,
  • St. George Tavern.


Moving within or to New York City can be stressful. In order for it not to be, you should get in touch local Financial District movers like Dumbo Moving and Storage. There are various moving options that we can offer you. We have already mentioned them above. You can find the rest of them on our website. Therefore, if you are looking for help for your Financial District move, waste no one more second. Contact Dumbo Moving and Storage right away. Get your free moving estimate NYC from the top local moving company. Moving with us is stressfree and easy. We will provide you with custom made moving solutions that will make your move unique, just like it is.