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How to move house according to feng shui

feng-shuiAfter moving to a new place, it usually takes a lot of effort to make it feel like home. Your new home’s energy and appearance will affect quality of your life, so you may be interested in moving and arranging your home in feng shui way.

Hopefully the following tips will help you balance your home and create positive and happy environment for you and your family in years to come.

How to implement feng shui to your new home

– Make a clutter-free home. Get rid of old, outdated or damaged items before you move. You’ve got the opportunity to start over and to apply some new ideas, so make room for them. An empty space has a huge potential, just make sure you are using its advantages properly.

– Choose a favorable moving date. You should probably move on your lucky day.

– Buy some new items and replace the old ones. Let go of belongings you are not going to use in the future. They say that buying new brooms and mops will prevent you from bringing the old troubles and problems from your previous home.

– Have regular meals and stay hydrated while you are doing the hard work.

– According to feng shui, only close family members should be engaged in the move.

– Pregnant women shouldn’t participate in the moving process.

– A space clearing is required if you want to start your new life with a clean slate. Clearing your place of the existing, left-over energy will help you settle in and feel at home.

– The first object you move into the house should be a gift to your new home. Buy a lovely item that will be associated with happiness and serenity.

– Stay positive on the moving day and try to maintain harmonious relationship with other family members. Avoid arguing and hard interactions with other family members.

– Bring in one moving box at a time.

– Avoid taking afternoon nap as soon as your reach your new home. According to feng shui it is not a good beginning.

– Each family member should hold something auspicious when entering the house. If you are bringing fresh fruits, know that each of them has different meaning: apples symbolize safety, oranges symbolize prosperity,…

– According to feng shui bedroom is considered a sanctuary where you can relax and rest, therefore, the most important room in the house. It is stated that a bed facing the door may bring bad luck.

– Equip your kitchen first when you move to a new place. Bring some fresh and aromatic fruits and herbs.

– Balance feng shui energy with good quality air and natural light.

– Familiarize with 5 feng shui elements and their meanings. Learn how to mix and match them properly, since some of them are compliment, while others may counteract.

– Create feng shui energy map and determine which parts of the house are connected to the specific life areas.

– In order to keep your home healthy and happy always pay attention to the energy of your home. Since the home is an equivalent to a human’s body, by taking care of your home’s energy you will keep your body vital and healthy.

– Have your friends over to celebrate the new beginning. Prepare a delicious meal and a tea for you and your guests and fill your home with happiness and laughter.

– Accept the fact that other people may not believe in the principles of feng shui.

– Feng shui may improve the quality of your life, but don’t expect it to solve any major issues in your life. It is just part of your lifestyle, but at the end of the day, you are the one to make life-changing decisions and actions.