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List of things to do once the moving is over

A household move is a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process, and there’s no way around it. But once the moving is over, shortly, you will realize that the new life chapter has just begun. You’ve gone through a stressful preparation that led to a trouble-free moving day. You’ve just moved in and have piles of unpacked moving boxes in front of you. Although you’ve probably thought that you’ll be all set once you reach the threshold of your new home, here’s the news – an adjustment period is an integral part of every move, and it may take a while.

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Give yourself some time to unwind once the move is over

There’s just so much to do once the moving is over to settle into your new place. And to make it feel like home. No matter how eager you are to arrange your new home as soon as possible, the truth is that you’ve been subjected to a great deal of stress lately. As a result, your mind and body might be craving a break. Especially after all those energy-draining activities that have been going on during the last couple of weeks.

It’s not easy to pause all post-move activities for a while to catch your breath and rest. However, you will most definitely thank yourself later if you adjust your pace by slowing down a bit. Allow yourself some time to clear your mind of all moving-associated concerns and figure out a new plan. Once the moving day tension wears off, you’ll be able to see things differently and plan your next steps at your own pace.

What to expect after moving to a new home

Whether you are moving to another country, borough, or just a few blocks away, it might take a while for you to adapt to a new living environment.

Moving to a different state might cause a variety of opposite feelings like enthusiasm and powerlessness. Not being familiar with the new city, you will face initial uncertainty, which, in some cases, may lead to some anxiety or relocation depression. Sometimes newcomers withdraw from society and live isolated lives for quite a while. That’s also understandable, given the fact that everyone responds differently to changes. Your daily routine is suddenly disrupted, you are absolutely out of your comfort zone, and you feel like you are losing control.

However, as long as your concerns are rational, you can expect them to fade away eventually. It’s a natural course of events.

Once you regain your self-confidence, you will aspire to get to know as many of the city’s landmarks as you can. The sooner you start your research, the more comfortable you will feel being part of the new environment. Your experiences also depend on your attitude, so be positive and grateful for new life circumstances and embrace them gladly.

If you have moved to a major city like New York City, you have plenty of resources available. Other than via the Internet, you can also buy some guides, maps at your local bookstore and get all relevant information before you start a tour.

The ultimate checklist of pending tasks that should be completed once the moving is over

Having survived the exhausting moving day, you may be unsure as to the next task to deal with. Depending on the time of the day, you may either go straight to bed or take a short break and resume your unpacking activities. Here’s how to get started with the checklist of tasks that should be completed once the moving is over.

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Put together a checklist of all post-relocation duties

Make sure your utilities are up and running

Provided that you’ve already arranged for the utility set up, everything will be in order by the time you move into a new home. Otherwise, you will have to contact the utility provider and have them reconnect the services or put them in your name.

Inspect your new home

Make a tour around the house to evaluate the exact condition of the place. Check if your floor plan will work out. Also, take several photos of the place, highlighting all problematic areas and faulty appliances. That way, you’ll be able to prove that you haven’t caused any damage to the property and hence get your security deposit back. Establish a list of items that need to be revised or fixed.

Inspect your boxes

Take a look at your boxes and check them for damage. If there is any visible damage caused by the moving company, make sure to talk to the company’s representative. If you cannot reach an agreement, you should file a claim against your movers and get proper compensation. Arrange your moving boxes and check if your appliances are undamaged after the transport. Make sure that each moving box reached its final destination and that nothing’s lost.

Review your insurance policy

Movers in NYC usually provide customers with a certain type of insurance, which doesn’t have to cover all your goods, so you may consider purchasing an additional one. A comprehensive insurance policy could be more than convenient in situations of damaged or lost goods during transport.

Tip your movers

Having successfully moved to Brooklyn, there’s a way to reward your Fort Greene movers for a job well done. Tipping your movers is not mandatory, but it’s definitely in order if you are satisfied with their performance, professionalism, and general attitude.

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Show your appreciation by tipping your movers

Unpack the essentials kit

The first bag to be unpacked after the moving is over is the essentials kit. Since you will need your toiletries, clean clothes, pajamas, and some food as soon as you move into your new place, make sure to keep the essentials kit at hand at all times.

Check the security system

Make your and your family’s safety the priority task. First of all, protect your house from potential break-ins and fire. Check if fire alarms are working and maintain them properly. You can also install a carbon monoxide detector. Also, to prevent burglaries, check if all windows and doors have locks and install an outdoor lighting system and a proper security alarm.

Keep personal documents handy

personal records

Keep track of your documents throughout the move

Take care of the paperwork – get your medical and school records transferred to your new city/community/area. Also, choose a health care provider for you and your family.
Register your children in a new school or kindergarten. To take care of your finances, you will need to open a new bank account, as well. Don’t misplace moving-related documentation and receipts. You may need the bill of lading and the payment receipt afterward. You may have to get a new driver’s license and plates, depending on whether you have moved to another state or country.

Help your kids adjust once the moving is over

If a member of your family happens to be a baby or toddler, you should childproof your house as soon as you move in. The regular house security is not good enough, so you will have to adjust your house to the child’s needs to eliminate possible dangerous situations. Moving with kids is demanding on so many different levels. But one thing is for sure – prioritizing their needs always comes first.

Start unpacking

Unpacking can go smoothly with a thorough checklist in place. Considering the efforts and energy you’ve invested in the moving process, unpacking is not one of the favorite tasks for sure. To start with, don’t stress yourself out, thinking that you have to unpack everything at once.

Focus on one room at a time, starting with the areas you will need first. Arrange the unpacking activities at your own pace. Assign special tasks to your loved ones, including your kids. That way, the entire prospect of unpacking can become a fun family activity. Bear in mind that if you’ve decided to hire full-service residential or commercial movers NYC, the whole unpacking process will be taken care of in no time.

Greet your neighbors

No matter how busy you are, take a moment to say hello to your new neighbors. Chances are they are eager to find out more about you, and you could certainly use a friendly face around once the moving is over. Explore your new neighborhood and local amenities.

Dispose of packing supplies and clean the entire place

Once you unpack everything, make sure to dispose of all the packing supplies that clutter up your new place. Give away boxes in good condition and recycle the rest of them. By applying some environmentally-conscious steps, conducting an eco-friendly move won’t be difficult.

Reward yourself

If you are like most people, you won’t be willing to wait too long to settle into your new home once the moving is over. However, it shouldn’t stop you from taking a break before the next session of post-move tasks. Remember that you’ll have to recover physically and mentally before you take on new responsibilities. You can either rest at home or do something fun outside, but the main goal is to reward yourself for completing a successful household move.