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Different types of packing tape

Quality packing supplies may make or literally break your moving day experience. If you are like most people, chances are you will mostly focus on finding durable moving boxes that will withstand the weight of your items. However, aside from enviable packing skills and quality moving boxes, consider getting different types of packing tape. As it turns out, no matter how strong your cardboard box is, an appropriate tape may prevent expensive damage and breakage.

Most people thing that any kind of tape will do the job…

Believe it or not, your choice of packing tape may be crucial for your belongings’ well-being. But the truth is that people usually don’t give much thought to it. Being overwhelmed with other moving tasks, most people think that any kind of tape will do the job. But, what they don’t know is that a quality tape is just as important as a sturdy moving box. If you opt for plastic moving containers, packing tape won’t be necessary. But, any other type of cardboard moving box calls for additional protection.

grey duct tape

Choose from the different types of packing tape what suits best your moving needs

…so, choose the right packing tape for your relocation

On second thought, it should come as no surprise, since the wrong packing tape may put your goods at risk. Whether you are about to store or transport them to a new place, you should always put safety first. It’s imperative that you go about this task patiently and diligently for the sake of your items’ well-being. Skipping this step may result in a lot of broken and lost items, which is the frustrating scenario you want to avoid at all costs.

Choosing the perfect tape that won’t let you down

With so many different types of packing tape out there, you may be unsure which one would provide the best sealing effect. Learning more about the tapes available for packing and moving purposes could help a lot. If you are moving for the first time, it may be appealing to just go to the nearest store and randomly grab the first tape you notice. After all, what’s the big deal about the packing tape, you may ask. Thinking that all packing tapes are the same may lead you to a series of wrong choices and decisions. As it turns out, it’s highly recommendable to get a packing tape from your long-distance movers NYC or at the stores that offer a wide range of packing supplies. 

What qualities to look for in packing tape?

Here are some of the most important ones, which will help you go home with a perfect product. If you are not certain about which packing tape is the right one for you, you can always call the pros to help you. 

  • Adhesion
  • Stickiness and durability
  • Ease of use
  • Width and color

For best results consider getting a tape that sticks well to the materials regardless of the temperature and humidity fluctuations. Opt for a tape wide enough to cover the gap in your moving boxes. And different color tapes may help you better sort and label your moving load. You should first familiarize yourself with different types of packing tape before making the final call. This one also requires some time and in-depth research.

Different types of packing tape: how to decide?

While a huge selection of packing tape may seem rather confusing once you get familiar with different types of packing tape everything becomes easier. Hopefully, the following will shed some light on the matter.

  • Shipping tape is the most affordable and durable option when transporting average-quality moving boxes. It can be either clear or brown and it’s available in 2-3 inch width at any moving or home improvements store. 
  • Masking tape is a paper-like, thin beige tape that’s good for anything but sealing. It’s often referred to as the painter’s tape and it’s used for random household tasks. But, when it comes to moving, it’s ideal for labeling since you can write on it. 
  • Storage tape is a temperature and humidity-resistant tape ideal for securing heavy boxes that go to storage. If you are planning to store your items for a few months, you should definitely opt for this type of tape. 
  • Duct tape is not so easy to use, but very resistant and durable. It’s ideal for reinforcing heavy boxes, but bear in mind that it leaves a residue and it may be hard to remove it while unpacking. 
  • Filament tape provides extra strong sealing for boxes ready for shipping as it’s reinforced with the plastic lining. It also allows for a clear removal from the moving boxes, as it will leave no residue behind.
  • Craft tape proves to be very useful when color-coding small items, cables, and moving boxes

You can always hire professional movers and not worry about packing tape

Once you gain an insight into different types of packing tape, you will be able to tell which one suits your moving and packing needs. If going with the full-service movers, packing won’t be your concern. The professionally trained and equipped team will handle your belongings safely and efficiently at a reasonable additional cost. Just make sure to inquire about moving estimates so as to get a broad picture of overall moving costs. If paying extra will keep additional worries and inconveniences at bay, maybe hiring professionals is the right thing to do.

Other packing supplies to use

While you will have plenty of moving costs to worry about, getting packing supplies shouldn’t be one of them. Given the number of places where you can get free moving boxes, you can cross that cost off your list. Alternatively, friends who have recently moved house might be able to offer both useful tips and packing materials in good condition. You may also use social media to spot sources of free or cheap moving boxes. Once you spread the word about the upcoming move, chances are that some good deals will come your way.

Aside from quality cardboard boxes and different types of packing tape, consider getting appropriate protective materials and supplies such as:

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is ideal for packing delicate and breakable items as well as making a cushioning material. Bubble wrap is not quite cheap and is sold by a roll. We suggest buying an entire roll in case you have plenty of fragile items. Nothing will protect your items made of glass more than a layer or two of bubble wrap. 

Packing Supplies - Bubble Wrap and a Tape

Packing paper 

Packing paper is an excellent cushioning and padding material. It’s commonly used for packing sensitive kitchenware. Of course, you can use old newspaper for this purpose as well. We just don`t recommend using newspaper on glass items and on electronic items. The reason for this is that it can leave ink stains. But, other than this, you can use old newspaper for protecting all of your fragile items. Plus, you can use crushed newspaper to cushion the moving boxes.

Moving pads 

Moving pads provide strong and lasting protection when moving high-end furniture pieces. You will protect your floors and avoid paying a lot of money for repairs. When moving heavy furniture scratches on the floor at to be expected. However, with carefully placed moving pads, you will have absolutely no issues sliding your furniture out of the house.

Plastic moving containers 

They make an ideal solution if you want to execute an environmentally-friendly move. They are perfectly reusable and won’t generate moving leftovers. Apart from being reusable, they have other benefits as well. You can transport fragile items in them in a safer way. Plastic moving boxes NYC are transparent, so you will be able to see that the items are fragile right away. Also, liquids are much safer to transport in plastic moving boxes. A cardboard moving box would get wet and damage other items, but with plastic moving boxes this is out of the question.

Plastic Moving Containers

Moving blankets 

Sometimes your items just cannot fit into a moving box. While custom moving boxes are a part of the solution, moving blankets are too. You can easily roll your items in moving blankets to protect them from getting damaged during transport. And the best part is that you can use your old blankets instead of buying regular moving blankets. Just make sure that they are in the right size and sturdy enough to protect the item in question. 

Start choosing the right packing tape and other materials on time

Now that you are familiar with all the aspects of a successful packing process, make sure to start your quest well in advance. Being an early bird usually pays off when moving house. You can buy a lot of things at discounts, if you start with the preparations on time, for example. Furthermore, you will reduce the amount of stress that last-minute shopping always includes. If you are not hiring movers, calculate how many packing materials will you need, and what type of packing tape before heading off to the store. Buying more than you actually need is a common mistake, so try to be as accurate as possible.