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Most common mistakes to avoid when moving to NYC

moving to nyc mistakesMoving to NYC is a huge step which will introduce a major change in your life. Although you will have a plenty of time to get to know the Big Apple and its uniqueness, make sure to learn something more about the city that will be your home before the moving day. In order to ensure a positive moving experience and a fresh start, try to avoid following most common mistakes.

– Lack of information about the local culture and lifestyle.

If you are moving to New York from completely different surroundings, you are likely to experience culture shock. The more you know, the better prepared you are for every next step. Adapting to the new environment is a gradual process that usually takes time and effort. Being fully aware of the process will help you feel comfortable with your new home eventually.

– Not visiting the city before the move.

Take a look around the NYC streets in order to get a better understanding of the local lifestyle. Otherwise, you may even get disappointed when you realize that something’s not according to your expectations.

– An assumption that you can find a spacious apartment at a good price.

Real-estate prices in NYC are very high and if you are moving alone, you are likely to end up in a rather small, but expensive apartment, which leads us to the next problem.

– Too much moving load.

The less items you bring, the easier your move will be, especially if there is a space limitation. Assess your belongings carefully and get rid of everything that can be easily replaced. Don’t get too attached to some items and remember that sometimes purchasing a new item is cheaper than moving the old one long distance. That being said, do not hesitate to get sell or donate old or unused items and minimize the moving load. Your moving quote depends on the amount of stuff you are going to move, so do yourself a favor and save some money.

– Failing to assess your financial situation before the move.

Creating moving budget is an essential step when moving house. Assess your current monthly expenses, but bare in mind that they may slightly (or significantly) differ from living expenses in NYC. Make sure to choose a neighborhood and the apartment/house you can actually afford.

– Moving to the Big Apple without any savings.

Do not make long-term commitments or sign a lease unless you financial situation is stable.

– Thinking that you will be needing a car in NYC.

Luckily, well-organized transportation system in NYC enables you to reach any place in the city you want faster than by car.

– Hiring untrustworthy movers.

Choose a moving company according to your moving budget. A reputable moving company’s assistance means a lot throughout the moving process. On the other hand, rogue movers can turn your move into a disaster.

– Thinking that you will never get used to the crowd and noise.

At first, overcrowded and too noisy streets can be unthinkable. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s highly recommended to visit the city and try to get to know it as much as you can before you actually move.