How to Move with No Money Saved?

How to Move with No Money Saved?

Moving is a process that requires thorough preparation and a lot of money saved. However, in real life, things are not always ideal. This means that sometimes we have to move with no money saved at all, and we usually need to do it fast. The best thing you can do is not to stress out too much and find out the ways in which you can make this work. We have created this useful guide to help you move with as little money as possible. Remember that better days are coming and that moving with no money is not that uncommon as you may now think.

Make a yard sale

Organizing a Yard Sale Can Help You Move With No Money Saved

If you need to move fast because you have a job waiting for you at the other city or state, you probably haven`t had the chance to save a lot of money. Do not worry, as you can make some money along the way. When moving, one thing is certain, the fewer items you have the less expensive your relocation will be. So, start by setting aside all the functional items and you no longer need it. Everybody has a ton of items they no longer use. We tend to buy things impulsively and store them for no obvious reason. When you go through all of your belongings, you can organize a perfect yard sale.

Here are the items that you can definitely sell:


If you haven`t worn certain pieces of clothes for a year, chances are you will not ever them any time soon. So, give them up for sale and earn a few bucks along the way.


Although books have sentimental and artistic value, we recommend that you keep only your favorite books and sell the rest of them. So, when you find a new job, and your finances are all better, you will be able to buy new books and enjoy them.


When you are moving with no money saved, chances are you won`t bother taking furniture with you. You can earn money by selling all the furniture and using that money to start your new life elsewhere.

If you are not into making a yard sale, do not worry. You can always sell your items online. This is easier, you just need to photograph each and every item and upload that on the Internet with the price. The buyer will come and pick the item up, while you do not have to lift a finger.

You do not need to overspend on packing material

Packing material usually ends up being expensive and people often buy too much of it. You need to avoid these mistakes if you are moving with no money saved. We suggest that you obtain as much free packing material as possible. You may wonder how can you achieve this, and we have the answer.

Packing paper

Packing paper is great for protecting your items from damaging. However, it can be expensive, just like bubble wrap. So, instead of buying it, you can simply use an old newspaper for protecting your items.

Moving blankets

Some items simply cannot fit inside the moving box. Those items must be completely covered in moving blankets. Luckily, you can use your old blankets or towels, instead.

Moving boxes

Woman Carrying Moving Box Up Stairs

When moving you need plenty of moving boxes. But, before you start buying them, make sure that you have used all substitutions for it. Suitcases and bags make for excellent moving boxes, for example.

Where can you get moving boxes for free?

It is possible not to spend a single dollar on moving boxes and moving supplies. This will come in handy when you start moving with no money saved. Let us see where you can get free moving boxes Brooklyn:

  • Your local grocery and liquor store – The perfect places for getting free moving boxes are these two store types. Just make sure to take the boxes which are in the best shape and condition.
  • Your workplace – If you are working in an office, chances are that you have several moving boxes from office materials. Take them home and you will make everyone happy.
  • Craigslist – Did you know that Craigslist has a Free section? Someone is always offering free moving boxes there, so we recommend that you check it out.
  • Your neighbors – Download the app unless you haven`t already. Check out whether some of your neighbors are looking to get rid of leftover moving boxes and other packing material.

Ask your friends and family members to help you

A Group of Friends Planning a Move

Moving on a low or non-existent budget is really hard. Mostly because we tend to stress out too much. This is why you need all the help that you can get. Ask your friends and family members to lend you some money if you need it. And, ask them to help you with other things related to moving. They can help you with packing your belongings and save you some valuable time. Also, if you are moving with kids and pets, they can babysit while you are out running errands. Every help is welcome and do not be afraid to accept it.

Delay the relocation if possible

Yes, relocation with no money is possible. However, if you have the possibility to postpone the move for a little while, you should do it. It will give you time to organize everything more thoroughly and save some money. The money that you can get from a yard sale is great, but when moving you need to expect the unexpected. Do not be afraid to move with no money saved, but only if you have a certain job waiting for you at the new location. Otherwise, save as much money as you can and only then make the move. Good luck!

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