How to relocate a boat

How to relocate a boat

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing Sunday afternoon in summer spent fishing with a cold beverage next to you. And that’s probably the thought you were guided by when you decided to buy a boat. Everything was great for a while until you realized that you will have to move and relocate a boat, which is not an easy thing to do. But don’t worry – just because it’s not easy it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Especially when you have us here at Dumbo NYC at your disposal! We are more than happy to share a few tips with you!

Before you even think about relocating a boat, get the necessary insurance

Whether you are moving a boat across the state or putting it in short-term storage NYC (although finding a large enough unit could be a challenge), you’ll first have to purchase appropriate insurance for your precious belonging. After all, it did cost a pretty buck, we bet. And we completely understand your need here to pay as little as possible. But just remember that any damage will be a huge one and it will cost an incredible amount of money. So investing in a better insurance policy definitely pays off. With all the risks that accompany any relocation, you can rest assured your money won’t be wasted here.

A boat on a body of water.
Don’t risk any damage that could happen when relocating a boat. getting you caught off-guard

Think about hiring professional help

Once again, this is another expense that will pay off in the end. People are very much aware that hiring a relocation professional will drastically increase their moving costs NYC, which is why they usually never do it. However, while a local DIY move is a feasible option, boat relocation is something else entirely. Make sure you weigh the pros and cons of moving a boat by yourself as opposed to hiring professional help and then form your decision. At least you have our tips to help you during a DIY boat relocation.

Relocate a boat 101

Fair warning: this is going to be a complicated, time-consuming process that could compromise your security during a move. It goes without saying that you should not leave it for the last minute.

What are your boat’s dimensions?

This really is the first thing you ought to check. Boats of certain dimensions need special permits if they are to be relocated, as well as require special conditions. The two important measurements for permits and routing are the height and the beam. These are the measurement you’ll want to remember:

  • Boats that exceed 12’6” in height require many things, with a height permit being only one of them. They also entail rerouting to make bridge clearance, as well as additional moving trucks that will drive in front of the one that’s hauling the boat. Yes, it is that complicated to relocate a boat.
  • When it comes to the vessel and the beam, any measurement that’s over 8’6” requires special permits. In fact, in a lot of states, boats this big require police escorts through certain areas and structures, so it’s definitely not an easy situation.
A fishing boat on a lake.
The starting point is easy – you just have to take your boat’s measurements.

How will you load and unload the boat?

As if the entire process weren’t complicated enough, you’ll also have a lot of trouble with the logistics of the move. Now, this is when having a large group of friends willing to help you relocate could pay off as two heads are better than one. However, there are plenty of questions that will have to be answered and that will be very easy to slip from everyone’s minds. Like whether there is a travel lift to load and unload the boat or how the person who is driving will get the vessel on and off the trailer. And, for starters, do you want/need a wet load or delivery?

Planning out the entire process of moving a boat will take time. It will take lots of phone calls to arrange the entire endeavor, and it will certainly take a lot of luck. After all, a feat this big can only be successful when good luck is on your side.

Do you have the necessary equipment and help?

As you can imagine, you can’t load your boat in just any vehicle. An average-sized boat will take up a lot of space and you’ll have to hire a smaller moving truck for transporting it. And if you want to relocate a boat with specialized boat trailers, you have to bear in mind they are located in coastal areas. That means you might have to rent a truck to transport it to the specialized trailer, which just means you’ll have to spend loads of money.

A group of people planning how to relocate a boat.
Let your friends help you make the best plan for moving a boat, along with all the logistics this process entails.

Moreover, you will need much more than just equipment; you’ll need a number of people helping you pull this feat off. And we are not just referring to them helping you carry the load! If you are moving long-distance, you’ll also need someone to help you drive and navigate the moving truck. Besides, the sheer fact that moving will be much more pleasant when done in good company is reason enough to urge you to call in the troops. Don’t you agree?

This will be one pricey endeavor

No matter how you look at it, due to its size, to relocate a boat cannot be a cheap, cost-free process. Whether you decide to get professional help or do it yourself, the fact is that you’ll have to pay a good amount of money. From renting a truck to paying for fuel, every part of the process will cost. But once you get back to your favorite pastime on your boat, it will all be well worth it! Besides, we are sure you’ll appreciate it even more. Good things take some time and effort – that’s something we all know!

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