Beginning of the year relocation

Beginning of the year relocation

Oh, those magical holiday times… What’s there not to love? Snow falling outside your window, Christmas presents neatly wrapped, shiny decoration… It sounds almost like a fairy tale. Except if you have to move. The beginning of the year relocation is more common than you might think. And although other people might enjoy the sparkling snow, that can also mean that the traffic will be horrible. While others enjoy holiday shopping you might have trouble finding relocation supplies. Getting a few days off from work won’t be spent laying on the couch and admiring your sparkling Christmas tree. Instead, you will be wrapping your fragile items in boxes.

Present wrapped in white paper with a pine cone
Gift wrapping or box packing? The holiday season shouldn’t lose the magic!

Magical times for some might become difficult times for you. Beginning of the year relocation might feel like a nightmare more than a miracle. But, although you won’t be able to enjoy the holidays as you planned, you can still look at the bright side. Read here how to improve your relocation and a slight bit different holiday season.

The beginning of the year relocation is just like every other relocation!

The first thing you should have in mind if you are moving at the start of the new year, is that this relocation is same as every other. What does that mean? It means that all of the same rules apply. In order not to confuse you, we have listed out a couple of rules you should follow and articles on our blog that can help you with them.

  • Choose carefully your moving partners – This is a pretty important part of your relocation, no matter when you do it. Go into business only with companies you can trust, and you will begin your relocation (and your year!) in the best way possible.
  • Think ahead and plan your new home – You already know that you are supposed to plan your relocation, with as many details as you can. But, one thing you should also do is plan your new home. How will your first day look like, how will you decorate… Put your imagination to the test and enjoy!
  • Save money while you move – No matter when and where are you moving to, the budget doesn’t have to suffer. Relocations are expensive, there is no denying that, but, there are always ways to make your relocation cheaper. Invest more of your time and energy, and the budget won’t have to suffer.

2. Use the holiday season as an advantage and make your relocation the best it can possibly be!

Okay, we all now that there is a whole bunch of disadvantages of moving at the beginning of the year. While people are enjoying the holiday season and you will have a lot of work to do. But, there is always a bright side. So, let’s see what are some advantages of having your relocation during the holiday season.

Well, let’s tackle the most obvious benefit first – the discounts. Although all the stores will be crowded with last minute shoppers, you can still use this time of the year as an advantage. Not only can you get your packing supplies way cheaper, you can also buy a whole lot for your new place on discount. Even if you are moving to an already furnished place, there is still a lot of shopping to do. But, because you are moving at the beginning of the year you can exploit the holiday discounts and stock your place for way less money. This also means that your relocation will be cheaper than expected. And that is always a plus.

girl next to the Christmas tree with presents
The holiday season can make your relocation easier if you follow our advice!

In addition to this, there is another benefit to consider. Beginning of the year relocation can be better than the regular one. The reason is that, during the holiday season, your friends and family will be free to help you. relocation is never a one-man-show. You are going to need a lot of help, as well as emotional support. It might be difficult for your loved ones to provide you with those things if they are busy working. But, considering the fact that you are moving at the beginning of the year, most of them will be free to help you. Use that and don’t forget to repay them with a nice holiday dinner.

3. New year – new me: isn’t that what all the magazines say?

The beginning of the year relocation has one enormous benefit hidden in a difficult timing. People often associate New Year with fresh starts, new beginnings and with significant changes. That doesn’t have to be like that in every case, but it is most definitely true in yours. It is often difficult to deal with the emotional outcome of the relocation. Having this significant change tied to an actual new beginning will help you handle it in a more healthy way. Make this a great new adventure for a new year that is beginning and instead of problem you will see a great opportunity.

happy girl in a Christmas decorated town
If you choose to relocate at the beginning of the year you will see that there are a lot of advantages!

It is easy to focus on the negative aspects of the beginning of the year relocation. Moving during the winter is always harder and booking companies during the holiday seasons might become a pretty big challenge. But, with good planning and an even better attitude, you will see that it is nothing you can’t handle. Let the magic of the holidays impact your relocation as well, and leave all the problems in the year you are saying farewell too. Gather the ones closest to you, let go of everything you are leaving behind and focus on all of the amazingness waiting for you – in the New Year and in your new home!

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