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Benefits of hiring hot tub moving companies

outdoor hot tub with a glass and plate

Hot tub moving companies may offer valuable professional assistance

Being the owner of a hot tub is like having a private spa where you can relax after a hectic day. You’ve probably spent hours and hours there recharging your batteries and trying to boost your energy level. While you must be grateful for having constant access to your little spa, moving it to another place is rather stressful. For the purpose of relocating it safely to a new location, start researching hot tub moving companies as soon as your move becomes imminent.

As exciting as moving house can be, making arrangements for large and bulky items may require some additional planning. You probably remember how happy you were when you purchased and installed a hot tub, but now moving it seems like a huge headache.

DIY approach is also viable, but a risky option, which is why most people decide to hire professional hot tub movers. Considering all possible complications, no wonder why so many people give up on the idea of moving their hot tub to a new home. It’s no secret that packing and moving some items turns out to be more expensive than purchasing the new ones after the move.

Since it’s not the item alone that defines the price, take into consideration the distance factor when deciding whether you should move a certain item or leave it behind. International and interstate moves are expensive enough, let alone the cost of transporting heavy and oddly-shaped household belongings. So, first and foremost, compare moving quotes you’ve received from several hot tub moving companies and try to figure out if hiring them actually makes sense.

Alternatives to hiring hot tub moving companies

Having considered all the pros and cons of moving a hot tub you are now aware of all potential risks involved. If you have decided that relocating a hot tub is worthwhile, make sure to hire an outstanding moving company that specializes in moving bulky items.

five friends bumping fists

A group of physically prepared friends can help you move a hot tub

Needless to say, your choice of movers will largely determine the outcome of the move. So, make sure to run a thorough background check on hot tub moving companies. First off, get in touch with the most reputable local movers NYC specializing in moving hot tubs.

You will need a group of experienced and properly equipped professionals to help you out with this challenging task. Unfortunately, gathering several strong friends may be fun, but no one can guarantee that they would be up to the task simply because they have no relevant experience.

Aside from special skills and knowledge, your helpers should have appropriate equipment and tools to disassemble and secure it during the move. As a matter of fact, you can rely only on those friends who have already moved a hot tub by themselves.

There is no easy way to move such a complex item, but if you’ve taken all potential risks into consideration and planned your course of action, make sure to keep your helpers and your tub safe throughout the process. By wearing appropriate clothes and by having the necessary equipment on hand you can tackle this risky task in a safe manner. It’s no secret that hot tubs are difficult to disassemble and handle, so make sure to approach this task patiently.

A DIY course of action

-Have a couple of strong friends on board ready for some heavy lifting and dismantling.

– Arrange for the right size moving the truck and necessary equipment: furniture and appliance dollies, two 4×4 wood pieces, moving straps, padding material.

-Try to figure out the dismantling process by carefully reading the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, it could be a good idea to take a look at online tutorials for further clarification.

-Drain the hot tub completely before disassembling it and secure power cables.

-Take as many photos as possible while taking the hot tub apart. They will be helpful when you start putting it together in your new place.

-Secure all removable parts and pack them separately.

-Mind your lifting technique in order to keep personal injuries at bay.

-Use moving straps to secure the tub onto the moving dolly so it can travel safely to the moving truck.

-Remove all obstacles, confine your pet to one dedicated room and have your friend or neighbor take care of your kids on moving day.

Will my hot tub be safe with the professionals?

dollars and coins as a payment for hot tub moving companies

Hiring hot tub moving companies can be a cost-effective affair

Certain delicate items like pool tables, hot tubs and pianos are usually better off with professional movers. So, do not hesitate to contact them in case you think you are not able to deal with it successfully. And who would blame you considering all possible setbacks you can encounter down the road.

Hiring specialty movers with a flawless reputation could be a practical, but not so cheap solution. However, moving items with great monetary or sentimental value is not the occasion where you are going to cut corners and take chances.

Only after requesting several NYC moving estimates you will get a better understanding of moving costs you are about to incur. But, bear in mind that hiring the first moving company that offers low pricing can be risky too. If your delicate and valuable items fall into the wrong hands, you are likely to end up with major damage or loss.

At this point, you probably realize that ensuring reliable and trustworthy assistance is of utmost importance. Therefore, take the time to get recommendations from friends and relatives and to read online moving testimonials. As people tend to share their experiences, you can actually benefit from their testimonials and gather all relevant information. Spotting a rogue moving company is not always so simple, so use all available resources to make an informed decision and keep troubles at bay.

Also, purchasing appropriate moving insurance coverage may ensure your peace of mind when it comes to moving delicate goods. You can never be too safe when moving and taking extra safety measures can make all the difference even when going with professional hot tub moving companies.