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Advantages of hiring white glove movers

Household moves are stressful enough and should you add fragile and valuable items to the equation it can easily turn into a headache. As it turns out, the lack of proper organization may jeopardize the entire moving process. That being said, there are several good reasons why hiring white glove movers may make sense.

an interior of a living room

Sometimes hiring white glove movers is the safest way to move valuables

Choose your white glove movers wisely

A wise choice of movers may determine the entire course of the move, which is why it’s extremely important to do a background check on each company you are interested in. With a wide range of movers to choose from, you may assume that finding a reliable moving company shouldn’t be that difficult. But, once you start researching local movers NYC, chances are you will be shocked by the number of fraudulent moving companies lurking around. So, unless you do thorough research, you may easily end up as one of their victims.

White glove movers are a worthy investment

The truth is that hiring professional movers may not be an affordable affair, but it’s certainly a worthy investment. Considering the amount of large, bulky, expensive, and fragile items that you should move to a new home, hiring white glove movers would be a reasonable decision. They are called white-glove movers for a reason! But, for many people, their pricing is a major deal-breaker. Whether their services are worth the money depends on your budget and the type of belongings you are moving. Relocating specialty items requires a special skill set, packing material, and handling technique, hence the high price.

a black piano

Would you entrust your piano to white glove movers?

White glove moving services

If you are like other people, you must be wondering why white glove movers are so special. What do they do differently in comparison with other, regular movers?

As it turns out, they are specially-trained professionals who offer a wide range of uniquely tailored moving services. If you are the proud owner of some of the following items, you probably know that hiring white glove movers is of utmost importance for the well-being of your belongings. You can expect them to handle professionally your:

  • Designer and custom made furniture
  • Artwork and collectibles
  • Antiques
  • Bulky music instruments
  • Expensive electronics

If you are about to move from one luxury apartment to another, white-glove movers will provide the comprehensive service that you need. Being familiar with the policies and regulations of luxury buildings, your NYC moving and storage company will know how to execute the move without causing any kind of disruption.

They’ve mastered the skill of organizing smooth and discreet moves and customers’ satisfaction is their top concern. Whether you are impatient or have business arrangements in a new city, white-glove movers can organize an express delivery of your items. Thanks to them, you will have your items delivered in no time and will be able to resume your regular activities before you know it.

How do I go about hiring white glove movers?

credit cards in a pocket ready for hiring white glove movers

Although expensive, white glove moving services are very convenient when moving valuables

If you are interested in premium moving services, start researching top-rated movers in NYC. You may come across some professional moving companies that offer reasonably priced yet quality services. Even if you have to move only your grandma’s piano, there are a lot of piano movers in NYC.

Check out the moving reviews

While a recommendation can go a long way toward finding the right company, online moving reviews can be very helpful as well. As soon as you contact Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC, you will get all relevant information as well as accurate pricing. They will pay you a visit and estimate your belongings in order to issue a quote.

Compare several moving companies

As it turns out, transparent pricing is of the utmost importance when moving high-end belongings. Only after comparing several moving estimates, you will be able to decide which company suits your needs best. To be honest, when moving valuables, going for the cheapest company could be risky, given the number of moving horror stories nowadays.

With white glove movers, you get only the best

Sometimes it’s worth paying extra money knowing that your treasured items will be properly taken care of. Aside from admirable skills and techniques, white-glove movers are using high-grade packing materials, double-layer moving boxes, quality padding material, and specialty boxes, and wooden crates. And knowing that nothing can go wrong with them by your side is the most rewarding experience.

Additional storage services

Renting a Climate-controlled Storage

When moving, some items require storing in storage units

Whether you need temporary or long-term storage for your precious belongings, your movers can always give you a helping hand. They will pick up, transport, and safeguard your belongings in a well-kept and properly equipped storage NYC. Choosing a storage company you could trust is no easy task. There’s a wide range of storage facilities and the place where your valuables will be stored should have the following features:

  • Temperature and climate-controlled environment
  • Impeccable security features
  • Full-time maintenance staff
  • Electronic verification for all items
  • High cleanliness level

As it turns out, there are items that movers are not allowed to store. Items like hazardous materials, food, stolen items, pets, plants. Ideally, you will be familiar with the terms and conditions of the move before moving day. So, you will know exactly how to dispose of those items.

Avoid moving injuries and protect your items at the same time

White glove movers are trained thoroughly to be the best at what they do. There is nothing worse than trying to move all the items on your own and end up getting injured. You really don`t want to have back pain or a sprained ankle on a moving day. That is why the white glove movers are here for you. And by using the services of these movers, you are actually saving your items from any potential damage. Since they are using the highest-quality materials and know the right lifting and relocating techniques, you can rest assured that your items are safe.

All of your items will be ensured

a man sitting and signing a moving company insurance contract

Check all moving company insurance options available before your move

When performing a DIY move, you do not have insurance for your items. And since we are talking about items that are very important to you, it is really important to have insurance for them. White glove movers can provide you with the insurance and we will now explain different insurance types you can get.

Different types of moving insurance

  • Released value protection – This type of insurance guarantees that you will get 0.60 cents per pound for the items that are lost or damaged. Unfortunately, this can happen even to the best of movers, so you need to be prepared in advance. Released value protection insurance type is completely free.
  • Full value protection – In this case, you will be compensated for the current marketplace value of the item which was damaged or lost during the relocation. This type is great; however, you need to pay the premium for it upfront. Consult with your moving company about the amount of the premium.
  • Items worth over $100 per pound – If your items fall into this category, it is vital that you inform your movers about it. It means that you will need to fill out a special form, and pay the premium, but your items will be compensated in case of loss or damage.

You will experience a stress-free relocation

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring white glove movers is a stress-free relocation. You will not have to lift a finger, and your most valuable items will be safely relocated. The white glove movers are professional, effective, experienced, and know how to resolve any issue. This is the team that you want on your side when relocating. While having a stress-free move, you will also have a lot more free time. This will give you an opportunity to focus on planning your life in new surroundings. Or you can spend more quality time with your family members. Whatever you decide to do is the right call. A stress-free move is possible, and with white glove movers, there is no doubt about that.

Final thoughts on white-glove moving

When hiring white glove movers, you can expect to get full-service assistance. This includes packing, disassembling, door-to-door shipping, reassembling, unpacking, and arranging your belongings. Also, there are other services available upon your request. Their main goal is to meet their customers’ requirements and expectations. Ask your movers anything that you want to know, and for everything that you need. Good communication is definitely key to a successful relocation.

Trust your instincts

Since the first impression counts, make sure to trust your instincts when choosing the right moving company. Even their attitude and manners over the phone may reveal a lot about their professionalism and work ethics. But, above all, make sure that the movers will be able to fulfill all your requirements. If their pricing fits your budget, feel free to sit back and watch them do their job. No matter how expensive their services are, knowing that your precious items will make it to your new home is priceless.