Moving to Midtown with Dumbo

Midtown is one of the most prestigious locations in New York City. It is the busiest commercial district in NYC which makes moving in midtown Manhattan difficult in any circumstances. Moving your belongings and your life into midtown can be thought of as a sport. Dumbo is a company of professional Midtown movers dedicated to taking on that sport for you. We know the playing field and we will make sure your move is seamless and stress-free.

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Dumbo Moving in Chelsea

Chelsea is a great place to move to in New York City. However your new apartment or office may not be easy to move into due to stairs or tight fits. If you have heavy office furniture or equipment click here for a moving quote; we want to relocate your business around your schedule and can perform moves at night if required. Our moving crews’ expertise in moving in Chelsea will make any residential or commercial move stress free.

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Upper East Side

Moving services in and around the UES

Many buildings in the UES are elevatorless and even if they do have an elevator it might be one of the smallest functioning in existance. This makes it incredibly convienant to hire Dumbo Moving & Storage.

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Moving services in SoHo

With so many businesses moving to SoHo you should also know that we include disassembly and reassembly in all of our flat rate quotes.

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Upper West Side

Moving services in the UWS

With so many people moving to and from the Upper West Side, we have already performed moves in most buildings in the UWS. We know all the insurance info and each building’s requirements. We know that time is money and we charge by the job, not by the hour. Because our pricing is different than all other moving companies in the neighborhood, you can feel safe knowing we will be incredibly efficient and not drag out an hourly rate.

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