About US

item_image_2-2_1421917619487Over the past 6 years Dumbo Moving ® has grown into one of the top companies in the industry. We continue to grow every year on account of word of mouth and all the love and support we receive on Yelp, our Facebook page and all our other social media.

Dumbo Moving ® was founded to change up the moving industry. We charge a guaranteed price for every move instead of by the hour. Time is everything and that no one likes surprises and our customers highly prefer this arrangement.

We strive to be the most affordable and trustworthy moving company in New York City. Everyone knows how difficult it is to move here by yourself, and we do not believe that it should cost you a full month’s rent simply to hire movers.





Today Dumbo Moving & Storage operates the largest moving fleet in Brooklyn with 56 trucks and four tractor trailers. The company is ranked as one of New York’s largest moving companies in terms of annual transaction. The company also has more than 250 reviews on Yelp! boasting 4.5 stars.



IMG_4575Due to increased demand, Dumbo Moving & Storage opens another storage facilities, this one a 75,000 sq.f facility in in North Bergen, NY. As part of this growth, the fleet expands to 38 trucks and one tractor trailer to help it extend its long distance offerings.



IMG_4585To best serve its growing client base for long term storage needs, Dumbo Moving & Storage opens a 45,000sq.f facility in East Rutherford, NJ and increases its fleet to 28 trucks



IMG_4619Dumbo Moving & Storage establishes a presence beyond the New York area creating hubs for shipping and receiving in Charlotte, NC and Miami, FL and increases its fleet to 20 trucks



IMG_4629Dumbo Moving & Storage expands its storage facilities to 30,000 sq.f in Brooklyn and increases its fleet to 12 trucks



IMG_4631Dumbo Moving & Storage is named as one of the top five moving companies on Yelp as the firm expands to eight trucks.



IMG_4663Dumbo Moving & Storage expands to four trucks and begins handling commercial and office relocations in addition to residential. The firm expands its storage facility to 10,000 sq.f.



IMG_4766Dumbo Moving & Storage opens for business with two trucks and an American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) membership. The company dubs itself Dumbo in part due to the physical location of its offices and also due to Dumbo being representative of the bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn where the firm correctly anticipated a migration of young people.



truck and snowThe company started in Dumbo Brooklyn with 1 truck and an AMSA membership.